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Ophan kitten

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Found a kitten in a trash can

I could hear him crying all day, but couldn't find him! Hubby came home from work and found him thank goodness I think some kids stuck him in there. He was starving when I fed the poor little guy.

I am feeding him KMR in a bottle. He eats very well! But he acts like he wants food. I tried to give him some can cat food and he goes wild. But his teeth are barely there. I can feel them but not very well. But when he sees/smells the food he sticks his head in it and i'm afraid he will get it up his little nose.
So should I try and keep feeding him the can food? If so, how should I keep him from getting up his nose? I do know I need to keep giving him his milk.

This is a pic of him after I first found him a few days ago. His ears are sticking up now and he can walk a bit too now.

I just want to make sure he is getting the proper type of food.

As for his age, all I can say is when we brought him in his eyes were just opened. Yesterday I noticed that he can hear! He hissed at my hubby LOL.

Thank you!
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Kittens first open their eyes about 10 days old and this kitten looks to be about 3-4 weeks old. His eyes might have been stuck shut by his bad situation and perhaps he is ill?

Keep feeding the KMR right now. It will have a better balance of nutrician than canned food and he needs that right now.

What are you doing about his pottying? Kittens normally need to be stimulated to go until they are close to 4 weeks old. If you have given him a litter box and he is eliminating on his own, then I would guess his age to be about 4 weeks. If he is not, are you stimulating him?

And what are you doing to keep him clean? Mom cats take care of all of that and he will need you to wipe him down after each meal. I use a damp washcloth rinsed in warm water that has been thoroughly wrung as dry as you can get it, followed by drying in a towel.

I'm not sure if you have experience with orphaned kittens, so please help us understand what you are doing with him and we can help you out!

Thank you for helping out this poor boy! He's a cutie pie!!
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Yes, I have raised kittens before, but it's been YEARS ago!

No he don't go potty by himself yet.
I do use a warm damp wash cloth after I feed him. To make him potty.

I also wipe him down to keep him clean, not wet but it is a damp wash cloth.
But I don't put him back until I'm sure he is dry.

Am waiting for the vet to call me back to get him a check up.

I don't think he is ill. His eyes are fine now. No pus or anything like that. They are just plain little blue kitten eyes now I beleive he just opened them very recently.

I am keeping him in a small dog carrier with a stuffed bunny for comfort, and a blanket for the bottom. I keep a heating pad under one side of it for warmth.
Will get a better pic of him, an updated one

Thank you for replying!
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He's very lucky that you found him
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It's wonderful that you rescued him. Thank you.
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Awwww he is just perfect! You and your husband are his angels! Sounds like you know what you are doing with him. Please let us know how the vet visit goes.
Can't wait to see more photos. What is his name?
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Originally Posted by Andrea742 View Post
No he don't go potty by himself yet.
I do use a warm damp wash cloth after I feed him. To make him potty.
The other thing I noticed when I last had an orphaned litter was that you should try to burp them after feeding. The stimulation that I gave them while bathing after a feeding usually did the trick, but there were a few times that I held them up against my body and massaged their backs until I got a good burp out of them. I can't say that they did this 100% of the time but far more often than not.
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Thanks for all your posts!
Sorry it took me so long to get back with you all.
Vet still hasn't called back yet!
But Kitten is doing great

Eating like a little pig hehe.
Oh I do burb him, hubby laughs at me because I lay Kitten on my chest and rub his back until I hear a big ole burb
He will burb EVERY time hehe. He is so cute! Once he is older my hubby's son is going to take him. I hope when the time comes I can part with him

But he will have a good home with my stepson

I will get another pic of the little piggy on soon.
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It sounds like you are doing everything right! Such a sweet little baby. Good luck, and try not to fall in love (yeah, right!)
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Hello & welcome to the forum. I just read your posts & the memories came flooding back. My 10 m/o kitten, Blossom, has a similar story to your little fellow. Her teeth were barely there & vet said she was 3-4 weeks at the time. I gave her KMR for a couple of weeks before trying her on solid food, which she used to swim in the 1st few times. Look forward to hearing all about his progress.
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he's lucky little guy - maybe that should be his name?
my vet pegged Firefox at 4 weeks when i brought her in... but i think she was older, since she was already pottying on her own, eating wet food, trying to eat kibble, etc. but she still loves her kitten milk! that would make her 8-9 weeks old now, but she's still quite small, not yet 2 pounds. so i'm still feeding the formula - i figure she can use the calories!
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