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Sinking to New Lows

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Hello! It's me, Thirtysilver.
Well, I'm pretty far along with my cat story, "The Parking Lot Cats."
I'm interested in knowing what people think about it.
How do you like it so far?
Also, I was thinking about changing the title . . . any suggestions?

Puddy in your hands,
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I like the story so far. Don't know about names, though. That's always the hardest part for me.

For those who haven't read it, take the time. It is a good read.
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thank you so much for the glowing revew!
like all artists, i crave feedback. Feel free to post me your opinions or email me anytime!
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Isn't that funny! I forgot to log Lisa out, and I ended up posting as her.
I checked my email and thought,
"How nice! Lisa's reading my story!"
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Ryan, you actually look nothing like me! I have read your story and I do find it very interesting! I am concerned about the activity of the old dog. What is going to happen to him? He isn't going to turn into a cat is he?
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The old dog doesn't move around much; he probably doesn't even notice anything's different in the apartment. He goes out, he gets fed, he has no other real needs. He's like furniture.
He'll be fine.
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Would you say that the dog is like a "Lazy Boy" piece of furniture? :vampireL:
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No, the old dog is not like a chair. Brush him with your toe while he tries to sleep and risk an impromptu amputation. I can't imagine what would happen if one tried to sit on him.

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I am enjoying the story - it is very reminisant of the Tad Williams Tailchaser's Song.
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I've never read that book. is it good?
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I read part of it, and will read more later, but so far it seems very well written!! You have a talent for this, you could maybe write children's books!!! Good job!
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Thank you, Debby! I'd like to write childrens' books . . . but then again I wouldn't. I'd be too tempted to publish titles like:

Johnny Went Down The Haunted Well
Hannah's Dad Should have Locked the Gun Cabinet
or . . .
Mommy Says Don't Touch My Stash

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Ryan - that book is excellent! Well worth the read.
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