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I have an idea for a new forum here ***

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okay .... not sure who to send this to and besides was wondering what
you all think of it.....

how about a section started that just lists the states alphabetically that
any person from that state can check to see who has posted from their area ?

did i say that right LOL !!!

so for instance.... if i was wondering who from the cat site lived in new york
and where in new york i would check the area for new york to see if anyone
posted in that forum.

its a good way to meet like people from the same area AND a good way
to pass on local animal information that may be helpful to some.

also a good way to ask for help from someone locally.

you could go there and post whatever about you an your area whehter
is just a hello or some helpful local info or a request for help or an offer to help.

what do you think ?
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Don't forget that it's not just people from the US that post here - people from all over the world post.
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It's a good idea. I would love to have a list of people from Arizona to talk to, whether it be about cats or not. So far, I don't think there is one like that. There should be though.

If you need to find help from a particular state, you can check out the TCS long-distance rescue league. If you haven't seen it... you should check it out!
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oh my goodness !!! shame on me !! you are so right ! the founder of this
site is from Israel isn't she ?

what am i thinking ??? ***slaps self in head ***

and where is the embarrassing smiley ??!!

*** crawling under table ***

hhhmmm okay so that idea would have to be fine tuned to say the least....

maybe a section that lists all the countries (can be added to as needed by
the catsite people)
and then after you click on the country you could click on your section
of that country.

for the united states it would be by state.

and then for the other countries it would be by however that country
lists its different parts of the country ?

what do you think ?
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thanks for the info on the rescue league... that is sort of what gave me
this idea.... but with that thread i noticed i had to scroll through all the
posts to see who is from new york.

as the list gets longer that becomes kind of time consuming.

but i do love that thread !!!!! its a great idea !
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I think it's a good idea and I think a lot of members would find it useful.....

but I'm not a mod and have absolutely no say in it whatsoever!
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I like that idea!
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it could be a virtual map with little dots for where people are from LOL
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
it could be a virtual map with little dots for where people are from LOL
That would be cool! Then you could zoom in to your area...
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Brilliant! And since people would be free to choose to post or not post there, nobody would feel pressured to reveal their location or participate if they prefer not to. I love it!
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We should start by just making a list of locations...... Then people add their name, location, etc. Then we can make the map afterwards, if someone wants.

- mybabyphx
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I like that idea!
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What about setting up a map using a program like this?

We should be able to set up a TCS one and then have people add their locations to it using their usernames if they choose to.
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love the map idea but how would people from each location chat with
each other to tell each other what is going on in each area.

so for instance if i wanted to find out what is happening in the US in new york
i would click on USA and then click on new york and look for place in or near
long island and then starting reading everyones posts to see what if anything
is either helpful to me OR what if anything i can help with or just to see
what people have posted about what is happening in their area or whatever ?

can that be done with the map ? i'm not good with that sort of stuff so i
really don't know if that works the same way ? does anyone know ?
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To the best of my knowledge there are no plans to add any new subforums at this time. I don't see the harm of starting a thread in the Cat Lounge asking people what state/County they live in, similar to the "what is your name?" thread.

However, I do have to caution everyone that while we have all made friends and acquaintances here, the Internet is not always a safe place. There are stories every day of horrible things that have happened to those that gave out too much information. I would urge everyone to only give very minimal location identifiers. Please remember that is isn't only TCS members that can read our threads, but guests as well. Better safe than sorry.
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I've been on some other boards where the member list is searchable and/or sortable by location. So that would be another way to find other members with the same location. Can't see how to do it, here, though, so maybe it's not implemented.
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thats a good idea coaster !!!

i don't think right now you can do that on this site.

i think starting a thread where everyone lists where they are from is just
too confusing. you would have to scroll through everyone to find the
people from your area.

so i guess my idea won't work for now..... unless someone knows how to
and wants to start that map thing that someone posted ?
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