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Craigslist Petition

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Here is a petition trying to get Craigslist to allow higher fees for animals listed on that site.
I do not agree. I feel that allowing people to sell pets at higher prices will just increase the backyard breeder population.

What do you think?

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i personally FLAG any pet i see being sold for hundreds of dollars. In the rules it states you can charge a "REHOMING FEE". i do not consider $300 and up that kind of fee.

If you paid that much or more for an animal, DO NOT use craig'slist to try to rehome or sell it. use Petfinder or such.
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You're absolutely right, Bonnie! I hope people understand the issue and don't sign...
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I flag anything that is over $150. And usually if its a person and not a rescue I flag if its over $100.
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The higher fees may weed out those who are looking for animals for medical experimentation and/or fighting.
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I think that by setting a price for animals you drive away non-profits, foster homes, etc and bring in the retails. The terms of use on Craiglist specifically says

Partial list of items the sale of which is not permitted on craigslist:
...Animals and animal parts, including the retail sales of cats and dogs.
So by setting a sales price you automatically drive out those that don't want to lose money because they're offering a free pet to a good home.

I agree, I think that setting a standard price would not be effective. Perhaps if they could fill the form out specifically (having a price text field) with a small program that caps anyone that tries for over $100 in a pet sale cannot post.
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