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Laptop cooling devices

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I couple of weeks ago I acquired an older laptop from my husbands IT guy.
It works fine but after a couple of hours (or a bit less) the bottom is quite warm (yes I'm laying on the sofa typing).

I know there are cooling mats one can buy and am wondering if those are worthwhile?? due to the age the IT guy said the battery probably wasn't very good so I use it plugged into the outlet if that makes any difference.
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I haven't checked out laptop cooling pads, but I've definately had laptops that get warmer as they get older.

The reason for this generally is something gunking up the fan that cools the system. With the laptop completely off and unplugged from the wall, get a can of canned air and aim the air into every crack and cranny you can find (don't jam the tip in anything, though, as condensation from the cold can cause moisture, and moisture + electronics = bad).

If you're comfortable with it, look up the laptop specifications online. You should be able to find a document that tells you how to take the keyboard off, so you can get into more of the 'guts' of the laptop. Nothing to fear here, as long as you don't lose the screws, it's just like playing with (slightly more expensive) legos.
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Thanks for the tip I'll pick up a can of compressed air and start with that!!
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If the fan still works underneath it you could buy a laptop stand. It's a plastic foot x foot foldable table essentially. It keeps the laptop off your lap, couch, table whatever and gives it room to breathe. They are about $10 at any place that sells computer stuff, including WM

Also since it is older you should probably get the fan cleaned out. If you're computer savy at all you could open it up and use an air can to blow out all the dust. Other wise you could take it to a computer store and they could clean it for you. You should never blow the dust into the computer, that's why it need to be opened up.
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