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Hi everyone, I'm new to TCS but I needed some help!

My cat Tehya is pregnant, and everything was going pretty normally until last night... she crawled up into my bed and started messing around under the covers. I checked on her, and there were spots of blood on the sheets. Figuring she had gone into labor, I took her to where I had set up a nesting area, and for the next couple hours she'd lick herself, lay down for a couple minutes at a time, and then get up and walk around for a bit. She repeated this process several times, until it finally seemed like she stopped bleeding.

I waited up for several more hours, but nothing else happened, and there are no kittens this morning. Is this normal? Was she in labor, but now is not for some reason? Thanks for any help/advice, it's greatly appreciated!
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Im not an expert on this but how far along is she? I know someone will come along sooner or later to tell you more......how is she acting now?
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She's pretty far along... enough to the point that she's ready to have them, anyways. I don't know the exact date of conception (she escapes sometimes) but I know the due date is around this part of July.

She's stopped bleeding, and she's mostly sleeping or resting. Doesn't move around much unless it's to follow me.
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