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Wednesday DT

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The old hump day!

Don't have much to say other than I'm proud to belong to this board. All of you are very caring and loving...not just to the furkids but to life in general.

Hope everyone isnt totaly spazing on the holiday...just take it easy. Realy...in 5 years it wont be life or death if you didnt get the perfect or not so perfect gift for your kid. What will matter is that child was with you, and you with him.

I am in a masters program, so I will go study...gulp. It's almost 3 am here. And then off tp work.

See you all soon again !

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Its cold and damp here, for a change. We had a winter storm blow through, yesterday.

I had to reassemble the Christmas tree, this morning. Those deodorizers aren't doing the trick. Rowdy pulled branches out of their sockets and there were ornaments all over the living room. She now waits until we're asleep to commit her depredations. Little witch!

Happy hump day, all!
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Its dark, rainy and dreary here. But, the temp is suppossed to reach near 60! This is WAY unusual for us, since the normal is around 30. I'm not complaining though.

I can't believe that Christmas is only 1 week away! I can't wait! I love the Christmas season and everything that goes along with it.

School is out for 3 weeks, so I finally get some time to relax and catch up on some things that need to be done around the house these next few weeks.

Tonight I'm off to my brother's house with hubby for dinner. So, that should be fun.

Have a good day everyone!
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Happy Wednesday everyone! I love pay day. I hope everyone is having a good day! Fairly busy here at work, but the thing I am busiest with is organizing a party for a co-worker who will be leaving at any time for maternity leave. It is her 1st baby and she is having a home birth with a midwife. I don't know if I would be comfortable with that. I would like a doctor (and drugs) available if needed.

Going out with my MIL tomorrow to help her pick out some toys for the kids on her list. She has been so unwell for about 6 months (not TB, but a nasty relation to it) that she has about given on getting better. She is a previous cancer survivor and only has 1 lung and kidney so this illness is really getting her down as she just can't seem to get better. For 6 months they have been treating her like it was TB, taking up to 7 pills per day. This week they told her they have been treating the wrong illness and now has to switch to new meds that she may have to take up to 2 years. John is so afraid she is just going to give up the fight and die! She justs wants to cancel Christmas this year. I don't know what to do to keep both of their spirits up!

So to go on like that! Thanks for letting me vent!
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Where's Friday? Is it Friday yet?
adymarie! I can totally relate to what your going through with your MIL. My father also has one lung. Some days for him are better than others. He lives with pain everyday. The meds that they have him on! He has severe back pain from scar tissue from previous surgeries. He has had over 36 operations for different things. He resently had a pace maker put in. A minor cold to us will put him in the hospital. I can't even go home if I have the sniffles. He gets really depressed. It's hard to deal with your health fading away. Maybe she should see someone for depression?
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