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Mother cat w/high temp and mastitis

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We have wild mother cat (w/4 kittens-2 weeks old) that appears to have a high temperature (warm head & inner ear) and mastitis (hard swollen nipple). I can touch her but not catch her to take her to the vet. We were lucky enough to have injected her w/about .5ml of Agrimycin 200 (oxytet) which is all we have at the time. I know we won't be able to catch her for another shot! We could dose her food tho.
Any ideas on how to relieve her temp?? She eats & drinks well. She still nurses the kittens, but they appear hungry and I'm sure her milk production is not enough for them. We are giving them additional kitten milk replacer 2-3 times a day.
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I am not familiar with Agrimycin (perhaps Sandie will know). I think you should phone your vet and ask for specific instructions and maybe prescriptions for the proper medications.

I do know that you shouldn't give aspirin and other painkillers that are intended for humans, but you may already know that.

Thanks for helping her and welcome to our forums!
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Well yes, I know what the antibiotic is. I just don't think it has been approved for use in cats and dogs. I have only seen it used in cattle and swine. I dont know if it's a good idea or not. It could also be effecting the kittnens through the milk.
You may want to try and get her into a humane trap to get her to the vet. If you have a large carrier you may even be able to leave it out for a few days with food in it and see about getting her that way. I would like to see her get to a vet.
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This is a long-shot, but maybe if you ask nice, (and pay through the nose) your vet would agree to come out to your place to treat her?? Explain your reasons for asking (can't catch her, etc.) and perhaps he will agree to do it.

Best of luck,

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