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Almo Nature Rocks!

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Following some advice from this site I ordered some Almo Nature and Bozita from zooplus.ie. I haven't opened the Bozita yet but the Almo Nature smells so much better than any cat food I've ever come across and Harry loves it.

The only slight issue is that Almo Nature only do kitten food in chicken flavour. I've looked through other recommended brands and they don't do specific kitten food, although Yarrah organic say 'complete pet food for all cats'. Bozita is only offered in a kitten pack and I'm not going to order one of them every time I want wet food (there is only one pouch of wet in this).

Harry is only 13 weeks so he still needs the high protein content of kitten food. Would it work to alternate a different flavour adult Almo food with the kitten food so he doesn't get sick of it? Or I'm happy to order some Yarrah if it is suitable for kittens??

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Why don't you try the Schesir kitten pouches, in tuna or chicken, too? Schesir is very similar to almo nature, as is Porta 21, which offers kitten chicken and rice.

I personally have never tried the Yarrah because I don't buy pet food from a company that makes vegetarian pet food, too.
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Thanks for that JCat, I really appreciate your advice. I'm still new to a lot of this nutrition stuff; I'm only really aware of it now after years of being brainwashed into thinking Whiskas and Felix were good brands!!
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I haven't fed my kittens Almo Nature, but I do feed them Applaws, which is very similar. They are of course complementary feeds, as they don't contain the full balance of required nutrients. But they are excellent quality and my kittens love it as a treat.

Like Almo Nature, Applaws only do kitten food in chicken flavour, but the breeder said they'd be fine with any of the other flavours, as it is a complementary feed. I think the only issue is the size of the pieces, but it all seems soft and shredded to me, so causes no problem.

So, my suggestion would be to try Harry on some other flavours of Almo Nature (as long as he is also receiving a full nutrition kitten food). But perhaps others know different?
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Most kitten foods seem to be chicken, or at least poultry. Animonda do a kitten food in a foil tray - forget the flavour - meat medley or something! Sounds dodgy but animonda is a pretty good food and I gave that to Mosi sometimes when he was a kitten.

Can you get natures menu and hi life where you are? They both do kitten foods, although they are chicken/poultry too. I don't think it would hurt to feed the odd adult almo nauture in order to vary the flavours.
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I haven't come across either Nature's Menu or High Life in either pet shops or on zoolpus.ie. I'm going to try a pet shop that's a bit further away but it's much bigger than the local ones. I may be back to square one anyway as, while Harry lapped up the Almo Nature yesterday, he wouldn't touch it today!! I had kept it fresh overnight so I've no idea why except maybe he's a fussy little brat.
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