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Poop trouble

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This is a little embarassing, but our wee one (Widget - 1 y/o) has been pooping outside of the litter box.

We bought the Litter Robot (godsend!), and she was using it fairly regularly. About 2 months ago, we started to find poop in other areas of the house - dining room, different spots on basement floor, hallway, kitchen. No puddles, though.

We've tried cleaning the litter out more often, switched brands of litter, but to no avail.

We have been slightly concerned, because she seems to have gained a LOT of weight since she was spayed 6 months ago. She is a very petite manx, and now walks around with a very rotund, distended belly.

Wondering if anyone might have suggestions of what may be causing her to go in places other than the litter robot.

(btw, fellow litter robot users - the first time we saw one of our cats use the robot, he went in, turned around, and stood with his head and front paws on the tray outside of the box. It had to be one of the most humorous things I've seen him do in a while! Just like a guy...."if I look up and around, noone will know what I'm doing")
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Hmmm, that deosn't sound too good. Bring her to the vet if you haven't already done so. Are you aware if she's in pain when she goes?
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Ooooh, that belly description sounds exactly like my Mischief was when she had worms. She got them from her mother's milk. We had to get medicine from the vet and give both girls a one dose every 10 days for a month and then repeat the process in 3 months. It works wonders. The other thing was that my girls could not digest kitten food (Purina Kitten Chow) and we had to switch them to adult food at less than 4 months old. They were both very gassy on the Kitten Chow. One more point, if you've been giving the cat milk, please stop. Many, many cats cannot digest it no matter the myth about how how much they might love it. Water is best.

Please have the cat checked for worms. It's an easy problem to fix. Hope this helps!
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When Henry had worms he started pooping out of th litter box. After a week of scrubbing poop out of my carpet, and once opening the kitchen door and smearing a pile of poop across the wood floor, I took a sample in and he had roundworms. I think when cats start going outside of the box, its usually a sign that something is not right with them. I would bet your cat has worms, especially with the big belly.
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after the vet visit, [& cleaning!] if there's still a problem, try the Cat Attract litter. it does wonders with retraining!
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