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How to introduce kitten to kitten?

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I am thinking of fostering kittens for short periods of time and I would like to know,How do I introduce one kitten to another?
I allready have a kitten of my own by the way.

Do I use the bathroom/transparent door procedure or just put them together?

thx in advance
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Would depend on the age of the two kittens involved. Usually they will still hiss at each other but less so then older kittens/cats. If they are under 3-4 months old, you can probably put them in the same room and they will be friends within a day or two.
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I agree. If they are both socialized (comfortable around people and other animals) you shouldn't have a problem. If one is feral, then you may want to keep it in a separate room for a day or two. But, introducing kittens is much easier than introducing full grown cats. Kittens just want to play and who better to play with than another kitten.
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um excuse my ignorance but what is feral?
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Feral is a wild cat. They are born and raised in the wild, so they are not inclined to like humans or have the same social nature with other cats. As kittens, some can be domesticated, at least partially. We got Patches as a feral 6 month old kitten, and she has been "semi-feral" most her life. She will only tolerate petting by a few people, and she's not fond of any other cats. Kittens learn social behaviors though. Our family also hand-raised 3 feral kittens from 1 week old. They became sweet housepets.
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I have the same question!!! My family just adopted 2 new kittens (a 2 month old and a 4 month old) from the shelter, and at the moment they are not getting along. I also need ideas on how to get them to "play nice" with eachother.
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