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Stud age

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I have never owned a stud cat before. I have always taken my queens along to a breeder for mating with one of her studs. I have now been offered the stud cat that has mated twice with my one queen. He is nine years old. Can anyone advise on how long stud cats are active for? This is a new experience for me, but I know he will be loved and well cared for with me. The breeder has spayed her queens and decided, due to ill health, to discontinue her cattery. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

By the way, I have attached a pic of my latest baby girl, Tallulah at just over 2 weeks old. Isn't she gorgeous?
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Talulah is a real poppet. I can't help you with the breeding question, but I did want so say how cute I thought your baby kitty was.

Are you keeping her?
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I have always been told that you would retire a stud before age of 9. This seem kind of old for him to still be producing. Not that he can't. I guess what I am saying is he has done a wonderful service and he should be in a nice pet home. He should be retired and be in a loving home! Personally I plan to retire my studs at 5 or 6 years of age. Just my opinion.

Talulah is beautiful!
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My beliefs and supported by other breeders is 8 years max for the male to breed and 5 max for the female. I would think about this stud. At this age it is very likely his drive to mate has declined and possiable he wil stop on his own or become very picky. How old is your female?
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I stop breeding my studs at 7 and my queens at 6. Also, you're new kitten is absolutely adorable. Hope this helps.

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Special thanks to everyone. I knew I could rely on you for feedback to my question. Well, I think this boy deserves a loving home anyway and I can definitely give him that, as the breeder well knows. Tallulah is actually one of his kittens from the last mating with my queen in September. My queen is 3 years old.
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Thanks for giving him such a wonderful home. I'm sure he's going to have a ball at your house and playing with the rest of your gang. Enjoy him. Some of my studs never leave my house (actually, none of mine ever have but then again, I only have 3 studs and one is going to be retired next year (he's my oldest)). I will place one when he's ready but my main stud will never leave this house.

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I feel the same way about keeping my foundation stud. After so long you cant help but be hopelessly attached. Is it possiable for her to keep him spayed?
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My foundation stud is not only staying with me because he was my first, but also he was born on Christmas Eve day and it's the first litter that my husband delivered (I was at work). He also is on a special diet for the rest of his life since he blocked on me approximately 2 years ago. He's fine now and still producing babies.

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As I mentioned, I have never kept a stud before. I usually only have one breeding queen at a time anyway, so I am not an "intensive" breeder, I guess you could say. So, I have no problem for this stud to retire and become my pet. He has the most wonderful nature. I am however very interested in possibly enlarging my breeding program and becoming more involved in producing healthy, special persians in the future. With a medical qualification majoring in genetics, I am obviously really interested in this. BUT, my pets come first! Maybe one day.....

I am really grateful for your comments and assistance. Thanks again.
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