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Meowing issues first thing in the morning!

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Hi all!

This is my first post. I got my two kittens Harvey & Pebbles (brother and sister) in December and they are now 9 months old. When they were little, they used to spend a lot of time on my housemates bed chilling and sleeping with the door closed behind them while she practiced piano. A problem emerged when she went to bed as they would then meow to visit her first thing in the morning and consequently woke her up, causing lack of sleep.

Around 2 months ago we chatted and banned them from her room to make it a no-go area. This problem even now has not got better as the kittens are still meowing outside her room and scraping at her door to get in when they wake up. Just to let you know that my room door is always ajar and they can come and go from my room as they wish: Sometimes they choose to sleep with me and sometimes they don't, but Harvey always comes up for his cuddles in the morning!

I have tried shutting them in my room at night but this is not practical as the smell from their food and litter tray is awful and to be honest, I just want them to stop meowing outside Sara's room and not be locked away. I have also shut them in the lounge at night, but again, I don't think this is fair on them. At the moment I have put lots of pot-pouri outside Sara's room with a time-release air freshener to make it unpleasant for them, but they don't seem to mind!!

PLEASE can you help me with getting them to realise that they are no longer allowed into Sara's room and to make them stop meowing and scraping at her door to get in. This needs to be resolved as Sara is a tennant and is paying rent, at the moment this lack of sleep is making her run down.... many thanks in advance.
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You need to practice more patience. Right now you are in the middle of a battle of wills. It is not the kitties fault but yours because you allowed it in the first place. You have no choice but to lock them out most likely in your room. Try changing to a cat litter with better odor control and remove all cat food before you retire. It may take some time because cats do not give up easily. If suddenly one night they stop complaining, reward them for it and continue doing so every time they behave the way you want them to. In time things will be ok.
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Many thanks yayi.

You're right, it is my fault for allowing them to spend to much time in Sara's room and thus establishing another 'base' for them. Do you really think that this is just a matter of time and they will give up meowing to get let in when they realise that this room is no longer available? I hope so coz this situation can't continue! Is there any other way I can stop them from meowing to get let in?
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I'm interested in this thread because we have a similar problem. We don't let our kittens in the bedrooms at all (although Sheila runs in as soon as the door opens so we are frequently carrying her back out!), but Sheila does meow and scratch at the door (Bruce, on the other hand, waits patiently).

We are very disciplined about it, never responding to her calls and never opening the door until all is quiet. We have phases of having sticky tape on the door too.

We thought we were winning, but we have been away for a long weekend (kittens fed by a friend), and last night, the first night after we returned, Sheila was much more persistent than usual!

We assume it is separation anxiety, and general inquisitiveness - but were hoping they'd have grown out of it by now (they're six months old).

I would suggest using sticky tape on the door area, and being very consistent in never responding to their cries for attention. But cats are very persistent so it may take a while!

I'd be interested in hearing other useful suggestions...
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9 month old kittens are still children. They are having a fit because they aren't allowed where they used to be allowed. I would suggest making another room more attractive to them. Do they like catnip? Try it, and put some catnip toys in a room where they can run and play. Anything to distract them. If you can get some boundary spray and spray that on your housemates door, that might help too, but it does stink for a few hours.

And, yes..they do grow out of this phase. Like someone said, right now it's a battle of wills. Don't give in to their cries and they will be fine.
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Cheers for the replies. I guess it's just a matter of time until they realise that meowing will not get them anywhere! bRegarding the sticky tape, do you mean to double it over (sticky side outwards) and place it on the are that Harvey is scratching at? That may stop him, but it won't stop Pebbles (his sister) from meowing!!
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Yes, that's how I apply the sticy tape - double it over so it's sticky on the outside.

Sheila was very vocal again last night, so she still hasn't settled down after our long weekend away. So I'm a bit tired from the meowing! But at least we don't have paying lodgers...

Good luck, and do share any success stories!
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I went to bed last night and shut Harvey and Pebbles in my room.. at 7 they were awake and wanted to be let out. I gave them their breakfast and opened up the cat flap (Ikeep it locked at night) and went back to bed as they went outside to play. I went back to bed as I didn't have to be up until later.

at 8 I was woked by Pebbles again meowing outside Sara's room.. when I went outside to her she was purring like a kitten possesed and was rubbing up against everything. I don't get it. As I said in my other post (jealousy..) I guess she just has a bond with her that I don't have. I really hope this resolves itself.

One more thing: Yesterday I ordered a fly mesh type door to use as a barrier outside her room or to keep them downstairs. We'll see if that works...
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