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Feline diabetes

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I have a cat whose name is Tom. He has been recently diagnosed with diabetes. It is really sad news for me and my family, cause we treat him like a family member and love him so much.

I researched many websites so far to look for cure and etc, but so far liked only one website, which is www.catdiabetes.net. Just wanted to share it with everyone whose cats are sick with diabetes as well.
As well as just want to ask if anyone can advice anything else about this horrible sickness that making my cat to suffer.(

Thank you so much.
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If you didn't see this one, it is my reference point for diabetes

It's my understanding that, in many cases, with proper diet and activity changes, many cats will fully recover......so, maybe you don't need to sound so sad after all.

If I were you, I would check out the Yahoo groups......there are a number of feline support groups there for other chronic problems. That can be of enormous benefit, especially when the diagnosis is first received.

Good luck!
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Eric has high blood glucose since since January of this year. The vet says it is technically not diabetes because his glucose level has not been consistently over 300.

I've used the same web site that BLAISE does as a reference point. So far I've been able to control Eric's blood glucose level with diet. He eats quality, grain free canned food. One of my favorite web sites regarding cat nutrition has a section on feline diabetes and diet. Here's the link.

Good luck to you and Tom. Based on what I've read, with proper treatment diabetic cats can live long and happy lives. Hugs to you and Tom.
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My son's cat was diagnosed as pre-diabetic today.
She hasn't been gaining much weight since he rescued her from a parking lot last year. She was 6 lbs when he found her, the vet thought 10-12 was a better weight for her. She now weighs 8 lbs after 15 months, though she was up to 10 lbs at one point.
Her inital lab was normal. A couple of months later, her BS was 119. The next one a few months later was 130. Saturday's came back 190. I asked him if it mattered that she had eaten two hours before the blood work (it matters in humans) and he said no. His concern is the pattern of increasing blood sugars.
Kidney, liver and thyroid numbers are all WNL (since we don't know her history, we want to be aggressive about keeping an eye on her).

The end of April, my son and his girl friend broke up, so that is a huge change in her life. I n May, my son took in a Blue Heeler pup found on a road by the cemetery. Attempts were made to locate the pup's mother and owner, with no luck. So, stressor number two. I am off this summer, so I do go over and pick up the pup every work day to work on pottytraining, obedience and socialization. She is the friendlist dog.

So she is to switch to Science Diet DM (I know, bleh). No glucose monitoring at this point.

My plan is to take her back in to months (his schedule). As long as she doesn't get worse before that, I am okay with trying this. I think I would like to get her switched to Innova Evo, based on results of my preliminary

I am asking if this sounds reasonable? TIA.
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Yes, it's definitely reasonable to try something like EVO. High protein and low carb is the key based on all that I've read.

My vet wanted to put Eric on Hills DM. I actually bought one small bag, then did some research and switched his diet to grain free Wellness and Natural Balance. I checked his blood glucose this afternoon 7 hours after his last meal. It was 128. He's had readings as low as 91 at the same time of day.

I think you're right to be concerned about the timing of the last blood test. Timing does matter in cats, too. How long after a meal were the other tests done? When I've taken Eric to the vet for blood tests it has always been in the morning after an overnight fast.

Good luck to all of you. I hope you can find a solution to the kitty's weight loss problem.
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Yes EVO is a GREAT food for diabetic or pre diabetic cats....
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