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Just Checking In To Let You Know About Pickles

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Hi, all first I want to say "Thank You" to everyone for your support!!! I am so very glad and blessed there is a site like this. I'll try to be brief. Update on my furry friend Pickles. I am happy to say he is doing well. (just a brief update for those who don't know, Pickles was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, back in Nov. 04. He had a total ear ablation, which is when and I believe where they found the cancer, he is deaf as a result, but you wouldn't know it because he hears everything. His prognosis was very poor to guarded, I guess he is just a miracle because they vets are amazed). At any rate he is doing well enjoying his summer, being lazy and playing when he wants too. He still likes to snuggle and take my space on the bed or when I leave my couch he jumps in my chair. We have noticed more lumps and now we see one on him when he stands it's more pronounced. It doesn't seem to bother him I have touched it and he doesn't even blink. We don't take him to the vet as it caused way to much trama for him and he is an indoor cat. I am wondering if any of my friends out there would be able to give me some help. Pickles is my first cat, and I am not sure but how would I know if he was in pain. I mean would he cry, not eat etc. He does get sick occasionally but I think it's from the furballs. I am just not sure how I will know it is time to let him go, will he show any signs? Also I would love to post pictures for you, if someone could let me know how to do that, that would be great. I want to thank you all for your support. I will keep you all updated on Pickles and hopefully will have pictures on here soon. Thanks for listening.
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I am glad Pickles is doing so well!
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I'm glad Pickles is doing well. These little guys can be such fighters, can't they.

I think when the time comes, your heart will tell you that it's time to let go. You'll know that he's in too much pain to enjoy the things he used to. It sounds like he's not near there yet...he's still enjoying snuggling and stealing your spot. Maybe others will have more concrete information, but I think you mostly have to follow your heart.

As far as posting pictures, I'll leave it that one to someone more tech-savvy than I.
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glad to hear Pickles is doing well! I agree with the others that you will *know* when the time to let go arrives... It sounds like a warm spot is very comfortable to Pickles - maybe you could get him a piece of wool fleece or a microwaveable rice bag to put under a cushion for him.
I have a neck injury (for over 8 years now) and one of the best things to help against the pain has been a wool muffler that I fold up and wear against my spine - sure wish that I had it at work today, even if it does make me look hunchbacked
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I'm glad to hear that he's doing well!
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Pickles says "Thank You" He is a great boy and will continue to fight!
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