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A'scuse me

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"Could somebody open uppa window?"

"I ordered in, and the delivery is here!"
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Well? The Diva has spoken. Open the window!

Great pics!

(Oops!! It is Hobo and not Diva. Sorry. )
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Looks like some sort of torture doesn't it? Did you need to wipe the drool off the counter???
Very cute!!
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Awww I love hummingbirds! So does kitty, it seems
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Great shot of the hummingbird! Is that Hobo? Adorable! He really does seem to be telling you to open the window now
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haha, omg! That's too cute! Live Kitty TV
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That is great
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What a good meoemy you are to provide live entertainment! Great photos, BTW.
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now who could argue with a face that sweet!
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Awww Hobo, won't mean daddy open the window?? How's Freeway supposed to learn how to catch hummingbirds if you don't show him??
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Look at that face! What a sweet heart!
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HOBO!! I love you, little sweetheart.
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