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Vibes for Princess??

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Well, Miss Princess has ruptured her cruciate ligament in her left leg

She is scheduled for surgery this Friday - and although she is 12, our wonderful vet said that she is very healthy and has many good years left, and to not operate would pretty much ensure that she develops osteoarthritis within 18 months, which is much more uncomfortable, and much harder to treat adequately. We don't want our `little feets' to develop arthritis. She's a very active cat and quite wobbly on her left leg, so the surgery is a must.

So, I hope you don't mind me asking, but I wonder if Princess could have some wonderful loving TCS vibes? She's a timid girl and no doubt this process will freak her out somewhat. I'm sure lots of cyber hugs will help get her through it
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Awwwww bless her little cotton socks

The girl at work here, her Labrador had the same op when he was two and he's fine now

((((((((MEGA HEALING VIBES))))))))) for Princess
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heres some cyber hugs for sweet brave Princess - bless her lots of positive healthy vibes coming her way ! !

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Many vibes and for Princess!

Get well soon sweet girl
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Oh Bless her heart...Many vibes for a successful surgery and recovery
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Big hugs to that little girl and mega vibes headed your way
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Sending lots of and vibes for you both.
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I am sending her lots of vibes.
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Poor little girl!!!

I will send all the vibes I can soaring her way!

Be well little Princess!
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Aw, sending healing light to your beautiful little sweetheart -- what a pretty little face she has! I'll be thinking of her on Friday.
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Absolutely! I will keep her in my prayers that all goes well!!! I'm sure between you and your vet looking after her- she will do just fine! At 12 years she is still at a good age to go ahead with the surgery, so i wouldn't worry too much about the anestesia with her Ask for them to give her some Yobine if she has any issues waking up. Most vets will do surgery in the mornings on kitties because it takes them a longer time to wake up than say most dogs. I imagine they'll knock her out using some if they do...they can give her Yobine post op and she'll wake up easier
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Tons of {{{Vbies}}}} for Princess!
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Hope the surgery goes well and that she is back on all 4 four in no time!!
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Sending lots of prayers and vibes to Princess. Hope you feel better soon, little girl.
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Thank you so much everyone

Nikki, it's funny you should say that about the anaesthetic because a couple of years ago Princess had a routine procedure and that afternoon Max and I were out for a coffee, waiting to hear from the vet, and they rang and told us - really bluntly I might add - that she had died under anaesthetic, but that it was ok because they revived her but oh, by the way, she's blind as a result and we don't know if she'll ever get her sight back. Here is the thread about it from back then.

We were fuming that a) they'd not been more careful and b) that they'd just blurted it out so bluntly like that over the phone. We almost had an accident going to pick her up, and I had to nurse her through it for four days afterwards. It took three weeks for her sight to come back. It was a great bonding experience for Princess and I because I hadn't been with Max long and she was super protective and didn't like me one bit, but that poor little muffin was so unwell, so confused and sick - and all because the stupid vet told us she'd need to go under to have her feline acne treated

Needless to say, we told them exactly what we thought of their `service' and never went back. We have our wonderful vet now and he knows all about Princess's history with anaesthesia, and has reassured us. Which is great, but we're still worried about it.
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prayers for Princess are winging their way to you from Texas!
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