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Peeing on the bed

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I have one cat - 17, his name is Ronnie. He peed on the bed a weeks ago and we took him instantly to the vet. He is perfectly fine.

He came home - did it again - washed the sheets, used Urine-B-Gone and covered the bed with a plastic shower curtain liner - he peed on that.

He never pees when we are IN the bed and nothing in the house has changed; his box is kept clean, he is fed regularly - the only change is that now it is nice outside we spend a lot of time on our outdoor porch - is he just being old and cranky and lonely?

He didn't do this last summer when we were on the porch a lot so we have no idea where this is coming from at all - before all this he had become very insistent about getting our attention for cuddles - even to the point of pawing one of us with his claws.

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Spray your bed with Feliway ... It worked in our situation
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If a UTI has been ruled out then it could well be age related - perhaps he likes to sleep on your bed but his joints and bladder control are not as good as they used to be and he can't make it to the box in time. Or he's getting a little addled in his old age - it can happen to cats just the same as it can to some humans.

I think it may be worth a try spraying the bed with Feliway, place another litterbox nearby just in case it's a case of 'can't get there in time', and get a mattress protector (they're really good now, not all rubbery and crinkly like they used to be, and machine washable) because the mattress is the hardest thing to clean pee out of.
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