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immune booster?

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Has anyone used anything to boost their kitties immune system? What are the pros and cons of using something like this? I had received advice from someone that they used something like this on their kitties that had been exposed to FIP, and mine have been exposed to it.
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The immuno booster I use is all natural.
Denise Russell
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Okay....ready? LOL

garlic and vitamin C
flax and salmon oils (cold pressed human grade)
parsley and rosemary
Larch extract/arabinex
digestive enzymes

I think that's it.
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LOL Do you really get all those items and mix them together? Where did you hear about these ingredients?
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I thought I read on here (the board, previous post) that garlic wasn't good for cats?? Am I losing what little mind I have left? Anyone out there that can clear this up? Hissy?
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Hissy the immuna booste I use is commercial marketed towards sickly cats and it contains garlic. I purchase it from revival.
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Garlic is great for cats. Like almost anything though, it can hurt them in large amounts. Give your cats a bit, not a farm of garlic LOL. You'd really have to give them just an insane amount to hurt them.

Yes, I do give all those things to my pets through recommendation by our vet. We go to a holistic vet who studied with Dr. Pitcairn (my fave) and is also a certified nutritionist among other things. Holistic care means treating the whole animal, and keeping the animal healthy rather than treating any specifics with chemicals. All of my pets are very healthy and happy.
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