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Simple Things/ Guilty Pleasures

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Sometimes it really is the most simple things that can make you happy.

I just took a nice shower and used some coconut shampoo. I feel like I smell really good now...

What simple things make you all smile?
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My dogs - they are always SOOOO happy to see me when i walk through the door after work.

How excited the kitties get when it's time to eat

My body wash- it smells yummy!!!

Making a smoothie

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at Colin being a simple thing

My kits cuddling up to me.

Chocolate ice cream.

Smell of pine trees.


A day with no pressures.

A good book.

Combine all those and I am one happy camper (not watermelon and ice cream at the same time, though )
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Laying on the bed, with Cody laying on my legs purrrrrrring away...

Watching kittens nurse...

Watching kittens play... <3

How beautiful everything is during spring...
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I like curling up on my bed with my kitties to nap too.

Reading, listening to music, and spending time with my yearling turtles.
The largest of the group is very out going and will follow me around the pen a bit, usually after my hands to see if I have a treat. The interaction and curiosity on her little face is comical, she always makes me laugh.
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When Wesley is on my chest kneading and purrs!

When my husband comes home from work and greets me.

Chipmunks running across the road. Sounds silly, but they look so cute!!

Curling up in bed with the AC on so I can pull the blanket up to my chin.

Eating chocolate!

There are so many simple pleasures in life if you let them be enjoyable. I could go on and on!
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