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what the heck's going on?

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my cat, Gracie, isn't ACTING weird, but her tummy is!

she's currently laying on my lap, and I automatically started petting her along her abdomen when I realized the kittens were kicking at extremely(almost ridiclously fast) fast rates

I left my hand there just to feel then, and it's almost like purring inside her stomach, you know how that feels? but she's not purring.

then there was this like, rippling feeling. I didn't see it happen(since I was busy typing away) but felt it with my hand. it was really weird, and felt kinda gross lol. She didn't move or act freaked out or anything, even weirder.

I took her temperature and it's .8 degrees lower then last night(100.1). does this happen sometimes with pregnant cats, that weird purring/rippling feeling?

I'm a bit confused, and the kittens are still kicking like mad, maybe they're screaming "let us OUT mom!" haha
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You sure that you didn't just feel a contraction????

Yes, I have felt kittens purring in thier mommies too, it's humbling, isn't it?
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awwwwwww they're purring?! I did NOT know they could do that, that is adorable!

I don't know, I've never felt one in a cat before...

it's literally amazing(and kinda grossing my hand out) at how much they're tumbling/kicking/jerking around! it's so cool, I've never felt any unborn babies move that much!

if that was a contraction, wouldn't she be acting more agitated? she's still laying here on my lap, not sleeping, but resting. She doesn't even flinch.

I haven't felt another one of those rippling things yet
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Contractions can vary in strength. They usually start out very mild and irregular in both the time between and the time they last. As they increase in strength, they usually get closer together.
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AH!! she has 'stuff' coming from her private!

I noticed she was having trouble walking up a step, and kinda like fell to a sitt/squatting position, so I looked to see if I could see anything, and theres this...wet stuff, lol, not sure how to explain it, it's not WET, it's not dripping or anything. almost..sticky, or something

im nervous! I have no idea what to do if she starts giving birth..
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people please start posting anything that might help! I'm at my house with only my grandma(she lives with us, but she doesn't drive or anything), and my parents are gone

I have no idea what to do..the stuff has gone away(she licked it away....midnight snack LOL!), but she left me alone to go lay on the table looking POed

swishing her tail, not sleeping, and having THE grumpiest eyes...ever
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Sounds like she has lost her mucus plug, so she may be giving birth very soon!

Has she got a nest where she can give birth?

You might want to stop her access to places where you don't want her to give birth, as she could give brith anywhere and you might not want her to!

Good luck!
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is there an update yet? i hope she has a safe delivery and healthy babys.
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I usually put mine in a bathroom and try and create a place thats dark and closed off, maybe a closet with a towel in it that i can change out as labor can be messy when the sacks break. Nature will take its course I'm sure. it just takes time. She might just lay down and let things happen or she may walk around and act uncomfortable. A lot of Queens will become very affectionate during this time.

When the first baby is close you will notice a small amount of the sack the baby is born in sticking out. Not a lot but a litte it might break and it might not. If it does break don't panic. i have seen Mommas go 30 minutes or longer after that sack breaks and the baby is still alive.

She will stand up to push the baby out. Its going to look like she is squatting down to poop. I have even seen Queens try to dig a hole to poop in before delivering. she might sit up like this 2 or 3 times before the baby comes out. if she has been pushing like that for a long time and nothing is happening then she needs to go to the vet right away because there is a problem.

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Thanks everyone

Oh, so that was what that was! she didn't give birth last night, but did spend the rest of the night not sleeping and being pissy and territorial, in fact she attacked one of the other cats this morning when she came out to eat!

Can they got for a day after losing their mucus plug without giving birth?

or should I be worried?
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oh yeah and there was not a lot of that stuff, either

sorry i had to repost, but it's not letting me edit my posts. it just logs me out
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IMO, you will have babies VERY soon...
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wow, cool!

I originally thought she would go on the 10th too, from researching things and using the purinlot pregnancy calendar!

oh yeah, and I do have a place for her to nest, it's a good sized covered box that has towels/blankets in it and she goes in there often to sleep.

I'm confining her to my room at night now, just so we don't end up with little kittens sprawled across the house!!
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