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Santa's New Reindeer

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Sant has visited us asking for a backup reindeer. Here he is reindeer Attar.
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That picture is toooo cute, I just love it!!!!!
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Thanks! Here is one more.
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How cute! Is that a small person holding that cat, or a large cat? He is BEAUTIFUL!
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Does the cat look happy or what?! I bet he didn't get to join in any Reindeer games!


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My husband is holding the cat. He is a big cat about 12 pounds.
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I think he looks like he is saying will you please take this thing off of me. Haven't you embarrassed me enough? Now you have to take pictures too!
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Cute pic, Nicole I bought a Harley Davidson cap last year and have pics of them on everyone on my web site. They were really happy, let me tell you, LOL:tounge2:
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How on earth do you get that to stay on his head? Because of course now I need antlers for Sam......
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Those antlers looks as if they go over the ears. Is that the case? Wow, you are very brave putting those on your cats, mine would rip my head off if I tried (either that or they'd run and hide).

I reckon you should save those for next year's holiday captions. They're brill!
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He so beautiful! Where did you find those antlers?
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What a lovely cat! He really doesn't look too thrilled there! LOL.
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I've seen stuff like that, at PetsMart and in novelty catalogs. I'm not taking any chances, with my two, though.
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I love the reindeer antlers! How adorable!
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They have a string that goes under there chin to keep them on. I got them at pets smart last year. I had to have them I think they are so cute!

I am not sure it they are meant to go over the ears but they are in the picture. They kept falling off if I moved them back.
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He looks like he is plotting revenge . . .
Those antlers are hilarious, how do they work?
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Those pics are fabulous! Definitely send them in for next year's Holiday Caption This.
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They have a string for under the chin.
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Did you say that your husband was a big cat that weighs 12 lbs.?
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