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Air drying fruit/pot pourri?

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I don't have one of those portable dehydration boxes and also i dont want to have the oven on for 10 hours for a slow dry. I snatched a couple of huuuge fresh organic lemons from Tristans house and have sliced one up into thin round slice about 1/2 cm thick and layed them onto a cooling rack (used for cakes/muffins) so the air can circulate, placed them on the back porch on a chair in the full sun. I know they'll probably go brown but i'm hoping for a little colour.

Has anyone else done this with citrus fruit? Any methods that don't involve buying a box for ONE lemon or using electricity? Does a little colour stay as well, and do i need to stick cloves into the slices?

I felt a little creative today
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Here's a site that sounds helpful...

If it's the least bit humid outside, you might want to use their oven-drying method... but if not, it sounds like you're on the right track! Be sure to take a picture for us...
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