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Super fly!!!

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Well this morning there was the mother of all flies buzzing around the kitchen this morning, and i didn't want to keep trying to attack it with the spray and we don't have a swat. Mum and i were going mental trying to chase it. Jazzy used to chase them and eat them all the time, but i never saw Charlie do it till now! One minute it was buzzing around near my feet, the next, i see Charlie stamp his paw on the floorboards, chomping and licking his lips...and no more buzzing!!! Cat 1:Fly 0

He's now the official humane and chemical free insect remover
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LOL my cats do that also, im not sure what makes them want to eat bugs. But its sure nasty.
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LOL! My RB Girls Glory and Tiger were not very good fly hunters....I learned to kill them with dish towels! (Which went into the laundry afterwards!)

Noodles is like a master bug hunter though!
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Siam is death on flies! He can snatch them out of the air or in the window and gobble them down. He likes to give kisses but I just can't let him after I've seen him chomp a fly!
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Lucia is our fly killer, she is relentless, and will knock down anything or anyone that gets in her way
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Good kitty!!!

My cats are notorious for killing moths/flys.....
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My cats tend to go after moths that get in my room, but other then that, they have to contact with insects, at least that I can see. I did have a rottwieler however that really suprised me one day. I was in the kitchen and there was a spider on the wall. Not being afraid of spiders I went over to look and Broc came to look too. I simply said "Look at the pretty spider, Broc." and with that he licked the spider off the wall. I had never seen a dog lick a spider off anything before and it was quite amusing.
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Good boy Charlie!!!!
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