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gift idea for a very busy young woman

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i dont post often, been too um busy myself,

but my daughter's 29th birthday is coming up and i want to get her something to make her life easier, but i'm drawing a blank

she just started one job a week ago and is starting a second full time job tomorrow

i know what she really wants and need is SLEEP!
can't help her there...
and after that, TIME to do things besides work!!
i can't help her there either

i dont have a lot of $$ to spend* so i want to get something that's not totally frivolous
but not completely practical either...

any ideas?

(*would like to keep this under $50)
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Well, I know my household chores often build up when I get really busy...do you think she would appreciate a day where Mom comes in and helps her get those chores done, so that maybe she can rest instead of having to do them?

Or maybe just a mom and daughter day out, take her out and go window shopping or something and have fun together so no one's thinking about work?
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How about a new wallet or a purse, or a nice mirror compact, or a nice neck scarf?
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Some chocolates with an attached gift card/certificate to her favorite restaurant, book store, coffee shop?
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Since she is so busy she might enjoy a gift card to a day spa for whatever amount you are able to spend. Don't put it toward a specific thing then she can choose what is to her liking and take an afternoon to relax.
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My daughter is the same age and very busy also. (Working and studying for her board certification) She really likes gift cards to her favorite restaurants. Just an idea. I have a hard time getting the right thing for my daughter but these have been a hit. They also like cash!
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Does she still love Mom's cooking? Maybe you could give her the gift of time -- by making some homemade frozen dinners for her! You could get microwavable trays and fill them up with all her favorites... so she won't have to cook for a month or so.

But you'd want to give her something she can unwrap, too -- some inexpensive piece of jewelry or a picture frame, maybe...
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