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can someone help me

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My cat sometimes just goes crazy, usually she is find, but there are times, once or twice a day when she jumps all over the house. Her pupils are wide open and she acts as though she is hearing something, or is afraid of something. This has been going on for along time now. She also bites at her belly when this is happening. Does anyone know anything about this.
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Some cats are just very high energy. My cats will go through several bouts a day. Where all of a sudden you see one zipping through the house like a race horse. It is part of the kitty charm. However the biting may be caused by many things. Have you checked for any sores or a rash? One of the things it could be is fleas. If any animal has never been exposed to them, they tend to get a little upset when they get bitten. Give kitty a real thurough check.

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Thanks for responding to my post. I hope it is just high energy. I have checked my cat for fleas, and there isn't any. Actually there isn't supposed to be any fleas in Alberta. Its probally to cold here. What about ear mites, could that be the problem.

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Yes, mites can be found anywhere but generally in the ears. Sometimes if not there, usually at the base of the tail. If there isnt a possibility of fleas, maybe check into a possible allergy. Maybe food related. There is lots of info on food in this site. Maybe rule out some choices. If it doesn't get any better and she is still biting, take her to the vet and they can give a closer look.

Good luck!!
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My cats are having these incredible bursts of activity lately. But it's clear that they're playing with each other - chasing each other all over the house

There's no growling or hissing and they keep changing roles so I'm not worried. I guess indoor cats just need to release all that pent-up energy from time to time... It's great fun to watch them.

I guess that proves that spayed and neutered cats (they're male and female - 1.5 years old) don't lose their liveliness and playfulness.
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Boy am I glad someone else has this problem. My cat chance runs wildly and jumps up the wall and makes the weirdest sound i ever heard of coming from a cat. He is normally really laid back. This behavior lasts about 5 minutes then he is just fine. He is the only one of my cats that does this. I have 8. If your cat is not breaking skin when she bites at her stomach, i really would not worry too much. I have seen my cats bite as they groom. Boy its always something new and unexplainable!!!!!
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I think all cats have that burst of energy. When I see my cats do it, I call it "oh my gosh, I left the iron on" syndrome because they quickly run out of the room as if they've forgotten something.

But the biting is something new to me. I agree with everybody that you might want to get that checked out. It could develop into something worse!

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Hi everyone,

I have six kitties, so you can imagine how it is when they all get bursts of energy at different times. I was told that cats sleep 19 hours a day and when they go into this energy kick, it's because they are indoor cats and need exercise, a stress reliever if you will. I find that my cats usually get pretty rambunctious right after they eat and visit the litter box. Sandie is also right in saying that you might want to check for fleas, earmites or anthing that might cause them to react that way. I have a 6 year old tortie, Mollie Rose, who is usually a permanent fixture on the kitty gym. All of a sudden she'll get frisky. It only lasts about 10 minutes then she's back to sleep. So, who knows? If one of my cats gets real crazy and starts to stress out my older male (which usually happens) I do a kitty timeout or "kitty jail". It works. But unless your kitty is aggressive towards another cat in your house it's best to let them run it out.
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