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Potty training

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How do u train ur kitty to go to the potty?
I just got 2 male kittens DSH tiger stripe kittens very cute very active
but they make pee on the floor and it stinkith! NO POO YET i heard u are supposed to put the poo in the pan and then they poo in it?
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Hi and welcome to TCS. How old are the kittens?

There is some information on this site that may help.

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Make sure the litter box is low enough for them to climb in. Also make sure they know where it is. Last but not least, make sure your kittens are in a small room at first along with their food and the litter box. They are so small, if you move them too far away they will not find it, especially if they are new.

If you have already done all this and they are peeing outside the box, you should take them to the vet. Most kittens will know what to do unless they are not yet weaned and too young, i.e. less than 6 weeks.

If they are extremely young you should still take them to the vet because they may need special formula. Also very young kittens will need special training or there is a chance they will grow up to do things other cats were trained by their mommies not to, such as scratch you. And they may not know to groom themselves.

Good luck and let us know more about your kitties. Where did you get them? When did you get them? Where are you keeping them? Are there other pets in your family? Any young kids?
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oh sorry i posted this in behavoir anyway
i just got them to day they are 12-14 weeks old
Rocky the bigger one of the two is kinda shy and timid
he is grey with stripes of black and has a kinda orange overtone very faint
noname hes my sisters cat he doesn't really behave
just grey with black stripes
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we got one of my cats when she was 3 weeks old(her mom abandoned her), and when she was old enough, I taught her to potty train in the litter box, and she's still great to this day!

what I did was:

1) show her where the litterbox was(make sure it is low enough!)
2) put her in it and move her front paws around in a scratching/pawing motion, like they do to cover their potty
3) did that multiple times a day

4) she did it on her own after that!
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he made made a poo!
anyway he's so tempermental ! When he first came home he wanted nothing to do with me,then after he ate he slept on me 2 1/2 hours then the dog got onto the house and scared him now he wants nothing to do with me anymore i want the sweet kitty back
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
Hi and welcome to TCS. How old are the kittens?

There is some information on this site that may help.

I am going through searches for info..

Thanks for this link..it is very helpful..
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I agree with the other poster. Ii've always taught my kittens by putting them in the litter box multiple times a day.
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imo kittens that age should have all ready been trained to use the box... it could just be that the place is new to them, or the brand of litter you use may be different from what theyre used to... i know some cats dont like it when you switch litter, and will eliminate elsewhere.

but when i got monster i had to stimulate him to go to the bathroom. when i thought he was old enough i would stimulate him over the box... and when he started to go i would set him down in the box to finish up. he caught on right away, and i put him in after meals and after playtimes, and he would go on his own...eventually he started to use it on his own.

in the case that they have already been trained, which im sure they have been if you got them from a shelter... i think you just need to let them know where the box is, and if you catch them pawing at the carpet or something(like they would scratch litter), tell them "no" and, pick them up and take them to the box. monster is great with using the box, i have never caught him peeing or pooping anywhere else... but occasionally i catch him scratching at the floor, and i take him to the box and he goes.
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