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KMR/Pedialyte? Your thoughts...

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We have nursed many cats and kittens back to health when they were steps away from being at heavens door. For sick cats/kittens both that wont eat we force feed KMR, mixed as directed (one part powder to two parts liquid)

When they don't respond to that, of course we go to the vet. If we went to the vet everytime one of our semi-ferals didn't eat, we would LIVE at the vets office, and be totally broke. Our vet has given our dehydrated kittens (feral ones) unflavored, clear, Pedialyte-and it totaly works. Thing is that when we have ones that wont eat, they need vitamins as well.

So instead of getting syringes full of KMR, and then Pedialyte, down my recent sick kitten (she refused to eat, I force fed her KMR, and after the KMR I gave her two 3cc syringes of pedialye).

While I was standing at the counter, reaching for the KMR, I thought "Why not hit 2 birds with one stone and just substitute the water that I had been mixing KMR with, and just use Pedialyte?" So I did, and OMG, this works WONDERS! My baby kitten perked up, started playing again, and is now eating on her own!

I know that many of you would never consider using 'home' treatments, and rather just take every sick cat to the vet, but with a feral colony and kittens every summer, that is just ridiculous!!! We have become very savvy at nursing cats/kittens to health, and knowing when it is above what we can do at home and when they realy do need a vet.

Any thoughts on my new KMR formula?
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That's what i do all the time Be sure you get the unflavored one though. I prefer pro-biolac to kmr though as far as formula goes
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Oh yes, we only use the unflavored, clear kind, I meant to say that in there

What is different with the one you are talking about??? Where on earth do you get it? I have never heard/seen it before. I am very interested in what you are talking about, sounds good... Any links?
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OH! I just looked it up! I have never seen that before, where do you get it?
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