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Tonight on the news they talked about a young boy who decided to duplicate a stunt seen on the movie Jackass. This young kid decided to jump from a moving truck on to the hood of another moving truck, fell off got run over and died.

This is the 6th such mishap that has been reported since the movie opened. Three of the kids were seriously injured, one is still in a coma and the others got injured to some degree.

I wish Hollywood would take into consideration how susceptible kids are to this stuff and quit making these assinine movies! Kids think they are invincible, and it is only when Reality bites that they find out they are not.
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That poor kid! It's sad that our society has let this obnoxious crap on TV. I just thank God that they took that stupid show off the air...but then they turned right around and made a movie??? I personally think they should have an R rating on that movie (I'm not sure what the rating is on it). At least that way kids can't go to it unless they are 17 or 18...but then again, kids know how to sneek in there too or if the theaters are greedy enough for money they'll let them in. I think it's time those people wake is literally killing people!
It's just sooooo sad
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I think that Hollywood has a small percentage to blame, but not 100%... It's the stupidity of a person what makes someone get hurt and/or killed. It's the same kind of thing with video games ... Just my opinion, though.
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Its happened again? Dang, when are those movie moguls going to realise how much of an impact that they do make on teenagers? Teens are at an age when they are more susceptible to peer pressure and the need to impress others. That is just so wrong.
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I've seen the movie twice and I think it is hilarious. I don't remember anyone jumping off of the hood of a truck in it, but it's been a few weeks. The movie is rated R and has numerous 'Don't try this yourself' warnings. Perhaps it was a 'Jackass-like stunt' blanket statement. Regardless, people have to take responsibility for their own actions. If it's not jumping off a moving truck, they will find some other stupid way to kill themselves - driving too fast, doing drugs, or whatever.
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Originally posted by Tigger
I think that Hollywood has a small percentage to blame, but not 100%... It's the stupidity of a person what makes someone get hurt and/or killed. It's the same kind of thing with video games ... Just my opinion, though.
I agree with this statement. What happened to holding people accountable for their actions?
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I can see your point, Hissy....but I also think that kids need to have a certain amount of brains or they will follow anything put out by the media or in movies....I mean if kids duplicated some of the stunts in the James Bond movies, they would get hurt also....I am not advocating movies like Jackass....but actually I kind of find the show amusing to some degree, but I would like to think kids are smarter than to think they can pull off the same stunts without getting seriously hurt....but obviously they aren't. I don't think the movie is to blame though, they put out all kinds of warnings not to try their stunts....I think it's kind of like blaming the rock and roll music for kids committing suicide. I do think however, that if a kid is that impressionable, this kind of stuff does have an impact on them, and could cause serious injury to them, but I'm just not sure if they (Jackass) should be held responsible for that or not...I mean I'm just not sure if it is there fault that kids are taking them literally. But then again, what do I know?
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To copy anything on Jackass, you HAVE to be a jackass. Kids are like sheep, they have no knowledge of what reality is due to the amount of trash they watch on TV. They copy anything they see that they consider cool.

You jump from a moving vehicle and you're not trained in how to do it, you will die or at least injure yourself badly.

In the news at least once a week there's some brainless kid whose fell through a roof and broken his/her legs. There are signs all round these buildings stating 'Fragile roof, DANGER'. But they still climb on it, and unfortunatly I have no sympathy for the kids involved, but I do with the parents. I hate to see anyone die, but most kids think they'll live forever.
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People are responsible, for their own actions. It isn't just kids doing this stupid stuff. Why is it, though, that the ones doing these things are, almost always, MALE?

My brothers are 36, 39 and 43 and THEY do stuff like this. The oldest one encourages his daughters to do it, too. He spends a lot of time, in emergency rooms. So far, there haven't been any serious injuries but, its just a matter of time. My sister-in-law seems to be sensible, except for her taste in men.
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I never saw the movie, but I have seen it on MTV, and thought some stunts were crazy... You have to ask too, where are the parents?
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I love Jackass, but I wouldn't dream of doing anything like that myself. I have the movie and it's very funny in some parts and sick in others.

My daughter who's recently turned 2 will never be allowed to watch any films of bad content until she's 18.
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I don't think it is off the air. I saw it on MTV for the first time the other day. I think it is really stupid, but I see the attraction for the daredevils of the world!
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You can't blame the movie. I grew up watching Roadrunner cartoons and never tried jumping off a cliff, with a handful of balloons or hanging onto a moving car while wearing roller skates.

WHY aren't the parents teaching and supervising their kids?

The "TV made me do it" defense was tried, about 25 years ago. A kid tried to claim that an episode of "Kojak" gave him the idea to kill someone. It didn't wash, then and it doesn't wash, now.

Put this kid in for a Darwin Award!
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Hollywood doesn't care about kids, they have enough lawyers to surpass any that some little "family" could come up with for their dead son.

I just don't watch MTV anymore, I haven't for years, there isn't really anything on there worth watching, and yes, this includes Jackass. They just made movies of the stupid things kids/teens do EVERY day, either because they are idiots, or because they are dared to. They didn't invent something new, they are just replaying scenes kids have already done and making money of it, all the while reinforcing kids to think that doing dangerous/stupid stunts are COOL, therefore... all the more reason to do them.

Ex: While Tom Green might be a little funny sometimes. I have a friend JUST like him, looks like him, talks like him, does the SAME STUPID STUNTS way before Tom Green ever came out, and honestly... he even has the one testicle like Tom Green. (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say that word, but I am.)

Just don't watch MTV, or any MTV movies, (No this doesn't mean you have to stop watching your wonderful Nickelodeon.)
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I am not a fan of Jackass, but I watch it because it fills up 30 minutes before something I like comes on, and my sweetie likes it. I have to agree with those people that ask "where are their parents?" I think it is ridiculous for people to blame tv, movies, video games or music for what their children do. If they were paying attention, they would know what was going on. They wait until something happens to the kid, or the kid does something stupid to someone else, and THEN they want to cry about it and sue someone. All they would have had to do is LISTEN. If they are so concerned about their kids imitating this garbage, DON'T LET THEM WATCH, OR LISTEN TO IT! If you know a show, cd, video has violent or otherwise objectionable content, keep it out of your house. I gave my daughter's friends a ride once, and one asked if she could put in a cd. I told her yes, as long as it was not rap or hip hop. She stuck an eminem cd in, I pulled it out and threw it out the window. Problem solved.
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Ahhh... what the heck, I'll fess up!!!


The show makes me crack up!!!

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Watching it is fine. I don't understand the mentality that thinks it can do this stuff, without getting hurt.

I watched a lot of TV and movies, as a kid and the most that I did, was tie a towel around my neck, for a "cape" and run around the backyard, pretending that I was Supergirl. I certainly didn't try "flying" off of the roof. (If I had climbed on the roof, Mom would have killed me!)
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I hated the way the "simpson" kids and "roseanne's" kids talked back to their parents, so I didn't let my kids watch them. They didn't miss a thing! As a matter of fact they are addicted to watching Simpson's as young adults and would never talk back to me!

You certainly don't have to allow impressionable kids to watch anything. Give them something else to do....busy hands are happy hands!
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Sometimes like "mind-numbing" shows!

(If we had children, they would not watch it.... I do agree it is violent)

I believe parents need to sensor what their children watch - DVD's and video's are always a safe bet!
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