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Black crusty spots, bald patches

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Hi everyone,
I have 2 new kittens. I noticed that one has black lumpy crustiness under his chin. I originally thought it was from playing to rough with the other kitten, but now both have thin semi bald patches on their bodies.
They are both on anti biotics to treat URI's.
Any thoughts? Maybe fleas?

I have had a few weird itchy bites recently..but in the past when i have been near fleas i get covered in bites. Plus i can't see any.

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It sounds like it could be feline acne.
Do they eat/drink out of plastic dishes or do you have a plastic placemat under their dishes?
Germs can get trapped in the plastic causing the acne.

I always used plastic dishes for my girls, but when I brought Elliott in he got the black, lumpy, flakly looking stuff under his chin.
I switched to glass dishes and it cleared up.
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Did you get the kittens from somewhere that said they were treated with frontline or another product? If so, you you should call them back and ask about it.

If not, you probably should consider treating them.

The stuff under the chin sounds like chin acne but the bald patches aren't consistent with that. I would look for and treat for fleas first if I saw a dermatalogical condition like what you describe, assuming they were not already treated.
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Graciecat is probably right: plastic food dishes (and I don't know why) can possibly cause chin acne, which is what you described-- black crusty areas under their chin. The bald patches are irrevelant to the acne though... Possibly mange? Have you noticed them scratching often? A reaction to a tick/flea medication?
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Feline chin acne for sure. If you are using plasic food/water bowls, stop and go get you some ceramic/stainless steel ones. The plastic holds bacteria no matter how much you clean them. The vet can treat this, and it shouldn't cost much at all.
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I agree with everyone else who said the black crusty spots are probably feline acne. Switching to glass bowls will definately help. I would stay away from any colored glass because some cats can be allergic to the dyes and it could make the problem worse (at least that's what my vet said). Another thing my vet reccommends for mild cases of acne is warm compresses twice a day. If it's a more severe case I was told I could use peroxide but since you have kittens I would ask your vet before you do.

As far as the balds spots, it sounds like an allergy. It could be fleas or something else your kitty came in contact with. I will have to look for the list of possible allergens I have. I've been through this (and feline acne) many times with my, Princess. If she gets even one flea bite she starts getting bald spots.

If I can answer any questions for you let me know. I'm not a vet or anything but I've been through this MANY MANY times.
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