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VetBasis Hairball Gel?

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Has anyone had good luck with VetBasis Hairball Gel? It was recommended to me by someone on this site because of my cat's chronic constipation problems. It has no petroleum jelly. I ordered some after reading the testimonials on their website, but in the mean time just wondering if anyone has tried it with good luck. Mitties is exhibiting signs of being plugged up again. I don't get it. She does good for about 3 weeks then slowly her stools become smaller and smaller until she stops going altogether. She didn't go at all yesterday unless you count the marble-sized terd that was in there. She's on Wellness canned and dry, but I'm thinking I may switch her to all wet. The vet said she does not have megacolon. I've tried EVERYTHING in the book for constipation, so I'm really hoping this hairball gel works better than laxatone did. She hated it and it was a giant mess. Sorry all my posts are pretty much about constipation problems...but I just can't seem to find a combination of food/medicine that actually keeps working. It always comes back! Poor girl... I do have some enemas on hand just in case though.
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I have not used the vetbasis...but I have also heard good reviews.

I think she would benefit quite a bit from a switch to all wet food. I may have given you this link the other day, I can't remember
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Have you tried to change the diet of Mitties ... I would venture the excess wt has alot to do with the constipation....

Wet food YEP it helps to... I use vet basis it is gentlier than laxatone and about as effective ///
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Thank you all. I can't wait to try it seeing's how I've tried everything else. Thanks for the link, I will check it out. She prefers the dry kibble, but I will try the all wet for a while to see how that works. Can't hurt at least. Unfortunately the only thing that really works are the enemas, but I hate to let it get that bad so I have to use them.

I do believe that her constipation problem has a lot to do with her weight, but I also think it has a lot to do with ingested hair. I brush her 3-4 times per week and get a lot off. But the funny thing is is that she NEVER throws up hairballs. Maybe once a year, that's it. I'm really hoping this hairball gel works! Wish me luck!
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If you suspect it's her hair that she is ingesting-I highly recommed the FuRminator-expensive? Yes. Worth it? DEFINTLY!!! You wold NOT believe how much hair you will get off, even after a thourgh brushing with another brush.

I bet that her constipation would decrease by 50% or more if she were put on all wet...
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Furminator? Never heard of it but I'm Googling it now! And as of this minute, Mitties is on all-wet until I see some improvement. Thanks for the advice everyone! I'll keep you posted and hopefully everything will "come out" okay.
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Hi there - just wondering if you'd tried Vetbasis and what your thoughts were? Thanks!
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I use it and like the results
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Well I bought it because it's supposedly healthier than petroleum/miner oil based lubricants, but she still hates it just as bad as the Laxatone. It stinks and is "stickier." For now, I'm still using it but I'm switching back to Laxatone when it runs out.
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My cats wouldn't touch the VetBasis.
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Stimpy likes all of them. He'll eat it straight out of the tube.

Raven and Nabu think all hairball gels are gross.
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Does it have malt in it?
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No malt, it's chicken flavored but going by the smell, it smells NOTHING like chicken and I don't blame her for not liking it. I have to wash my hands 3 times before the smell comes off. GAG!
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Well, that settles that. Thanks all for your feedback.
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