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Introducing New Cats

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I adopted a second cat so Greta could have company when I am at work. To start I had a room set up for the kitten and have let her into the rest of the house for short periods and then put her back in her room to give Greta some peace. I try to make each time a little longer.

So far Greta has done well tolerating her presence when she is in the room. The new kitten , no name so far, is only 6 months old so she is more active than Greta, though Greta is only 1.5 years old so she is not that much older. Whether they are just in the same space and in sight of each other or if the kitten makes an attempt to play, Greta she hisses at her.

Other than slowly working them in with each other over time is there anything that I can do to show Greta that she is only wanting to play with her and not out to get her?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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Have you tried to mix their scents? Rub a towel on the kitten or Greta then rub it on the other one to mix their scents or you can do the vanilla trick so they smell the same...put vanilla on the base of their tails and under their chin, so they smell alike and them maybe Greta won't see the kitten as a threat.
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