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New Addition

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I decided Greta needed a playmate during my long days at work. I introduced them today and so far Greta is tolerating her which is I guess a good sign. I can't decide on a name for the new girl yet.


New yet to be named addition.
From her markings she appears to be a tabby with some calico mixed in. Her left foot is also completely tan contrasting with the rest of her coloring.

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Congratulations, she is a very lovely companion for the beautiful Greta
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Garbo? She's a real sweetie!
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Actually believe it or not the name the shelter gave her was Gretal. Even before I saw the name she struck me how similar her overall temperament was similar to Greta, aside from being 6 months old so she is a lot more playful than Greta.
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wow whiskers! You have two drop dead gorgeous cats there. I love the golden yellow eyes on your new girl!
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Those pictures are amazing and both kitties are cuties! How do you take pictures like that? I wish I were better at photography.
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Gee if only I could take such great photo's ! Your kitties are adorable, beautiful shots of their eyes and expressions.
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Awww they are both adorable
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I decided on Misty for her name and here's a few more shots of her.

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oh my what a gorgeous pair those two are for sure

congrats on the new addition and lots of luck for happy introductions

keep us posted !
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Such unusual markings! You definitely have a couple of lookers there

Congrats on the new addition.
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Awww Misty is beautiful ............ and so is Greta Congratulations!!!
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Wow - they are both so gorgeous and I love the name Misty. I'm sure your 2 girls will be best friends in no time and Greta won't be lonely anymore
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Just a few more shots. You can't go wrong with a sleeping kitty. Chasing Greta around the house is wiping Misty out but they are starting to get along nicely, although Greta won't admit it because she knows who is still in charge.

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They are both stunning! You take wonderful pictures!
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OMG they are both adorable
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Wow! I love those stripes!!
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O my goodness what GORGEOUS kits u have! Congrats on the new addition and Greta is just so adorable, and Misty I just love her markings! They are both just soo cute
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I think I got very lucky with these two. I brought Misty home from the shelter on Saturday afternoon and here they are tonight, 4 days later.

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awwww..what a little monkey :-)
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