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Peace, at last

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Rowdy has, finally, decided that Pearl isn't so bad, after all. Rather than hissing, spitting and clawing, she is now initiating romps. She has even permitted Pearl to slobber on her.

Opie condescended to sit on the couch with both dogs. Granted, THEY were asleep and he sat on my lap but, that's closer than he's ever gotten to Pearl. Opie doesn't like to miss "Jeopardy". He watches with me, every day.

We STILL have some potty issues, with Pearl. She doesn't always make it through the night. I bought training pads for her. Yesterday, she piddled on the pad (good girl) but pooped next to it.

The water bowl wasn't big enough for two dogs so, yesterday, I bought a small washtub, at the 99-cent store. Pearl thinks that it is a wading pool. She splashes with her front feet and bites at the waves. She, also drops her toys into it. Maybe I should get her a rubber ducky.

Life with pets is always entertaining!
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I am so glad peace has been achieved! Sounds like your household is extremely active! Post more pics of everyone together!
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Well a rubby ducky is a must.

Great news Cindy! It sure sounds like you're keeping busy!!! LOL!!!!!
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Rowdy has a new trick: she teases Pearl, to make her bark. Unfortunately, she does this, just as I am trying to fall asleep. Don't know if it was the full moon or Rowdy's natural orneriness but, I had to get up, last night and break that up.
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Well, Cindy, you wanted them to be friends and play....be careful what you wish for! LOL
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