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Well I have not been around for awhile, so today I have time and news.
Milli is growning big and so cute. No complaints, she is our blessing.
Some strange things that Milli gets up to:
Holds her back legs and rolls around like a speed ball.
Has learnt to catch small sponge balls in her paws (almost like hands)
Climbs on doors and watches as we walk by.
Still demands to taste whatever I am eating.
And on the 24th July Milli is getting sterlized.
Well thats about it with the happy events of Milli, whom just by the way is no longer our silli Milli, but a smart girl.
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hello - glad to see you back how are you all !

Milli sounds like shes having great fun - you'll have to update us with some photos and keep us posted about her sterilisation I am sure it will go well

See you in the forums
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Hi there!
It's great to hear from you and get an udpate on Milli. It sounds like she's turned out to be an awesome kitty. I'm glad you're having so much with her.
Hope to see around more often!
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I kinda like the name silli milli.......

I think it's adorable.......

Good luck with her surgery. I'm sure it will go fine.....

And picturing her rolling around like a speed ball is priceless....... oh lordy....... haha
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