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We adopted 2 kittens

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Hello. Our family adopted 2 kittens today from the animal shelter. My brother got a white and black shorthair female. She is 4 months old and named Ripley. My brother named her Ripley because he is a HUGE train and Disneyland fan. His (and Walt Disney's) FAVORITE train at Disneyland is the E.P. Ripley (so what better way to combine his 2 favorite things to his kitten). Ripley is RAMBUNCTIOUS!!!! She is EXTREAMLY playful and can't be still for a moment. We think she is going to be the clown of the family. Ripley is not at our house yet because she still has to be spayed. She will probibly come home either Tuesday or Thursday.

My sister (IBelongInTheZoo) and I adopted a 2 month old grey and white tabby female. We named her Cali An because we are also Disneyland fans and Disneyland is located in ANaheim CALIfornia (which we live only 8 miles from) also she looks like a Cali. Cali is home with us right now because she is underweight (less then 2 pounds) but we will take her to be fixed in another month or so. Cali has THE SWEETEST personality!!!!! She would much rather be in your lap then anything. She LOVES to be held and petted. Tonight my grandpa was sitting on the couch while Cali was playing in the family room, all the sudden he felt movement by his feet. Cali had run over to him and had her head on his ankles to be petted. Later on grandpa was laying on the couch and Cali had climed the couch and crawled between his legs and fell asleep. We all hope she NEVER changes. She doesn't seem at all interested in our birds (which we are happy about). She just glances at them.

We are really excited to have these new additions to our family. Sorry we don't have pixs of them yet. We will try to take pix of Cali tomorrow or the next day. We will post pix of Ripley a few days after she comes home.
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on the new additions to the family!
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Yay! new kitties can't wait too see new pics of them Congratulations on your new editions
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Congratulations on your new additions. They sound adorable!
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Congratulations. They sound absolutely adorable. I can't wait to see the pictures.

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Congrats I am glad to see two newly adopted kitties that have good homes.
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Congratulations to all of you
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This is IBelongInTheZoo TheZooKeeper's sister and proud mommy to 2 new adopted kittens. My sister thought that it would be nice to tell you all about all the adoptions that happened at the animal shelter yesterday.

When we arrived at 10:30, almost all cages were occupied. By the time we left at around 2:30, ALOT of the cages were empty!!!!

We were in line alot, because with each animal you want to see, you have to get a Visitor Pass. Sometimes we were in line for more than 30 minutes!!!! This was due to the fact that people wanted to either visit with an animal or wated to adopt an animal (or 2 )

MANY animals in our area recieved new homes yesterday!!!
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OH wow Congratulations!!!!
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Thank you for giving these sweethearts a good home! Can't wait to see them!
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I am so glad that you found the kitties that were meant to be yours! Cali An sounds adorable. Congrats on the new additions!
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