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Airplanes and kittens?

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I am placing this in the breeders forum because it seems more people here would be likely to have experience with this...
A member of my family may be getting a Maine Coon kitten from a breeder in another state later this year. They already have visited the breeder's home and are on their waiting list for a future litter. Won't know for sure if "the" kitten is in the litter for a few months (the planned breeding has not been done yet.)
They would be travelling by plane to pick up the kitten (about 3 hour flight.) The kitten would be travelling in the cabin in a carrier and will be 12 weeks old or older when they pick her up.

I was wondering if anyone had experience with travelling with kittens in an airplane and if they tend to do well? Also if anyone has advice on anything that can be done to make the experience less stressful?
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I've shown kittens at 4 months old and travelled by plane to show them. They cry a little, but they fly under the seat with me (on board) and no problems. The worse is the noise engine on take off and landing.

The kitten should be fine. Do not feed or give water a few hours before.
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