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Too Much Iced Coffee!

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I tried one of McDonalds Iced Coffee's today and it was pretty good!

Then tonight on my way home from a friends I seen Burger King has Iced Mocha Joes so I stopped. OMG! They are SOOO good!

So now I'm all hyped up on iced coffee

And have to get up at 6:30 to drive for 3 hours to see my FIL. Which Im nervous about. I've only met him 1 time about 3 years ago. I'm still worried about what he thinks of me

We all know how well my MIL and I get along Im glad they're divorced
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I hated mcdonalds iced coffee.....it seriously tastes like a diluted ash tray. I didnt expect for it to be coffee with icecubes in it, I was expecting something like a frappuchinno (those are delicioussssss), but I hate all mcdonalds food lol.
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I've never had either of those iced coffees. But I have loved it everywhere else I've had it! Almost had one tonight from WaWa, but I didn't want a caffinated coffee and I wanted something warm for some reason.
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Yum, I love Mocha Joe's hot so I need to try one of the iced ones...I'm sure your FIL is a dream compared to your MIL, poor you, I don't know how you deal with her Alycia Have a safe trip
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Mmm, I've had the McDonald's iced coffee. The second one I had was really good. The first one, not so much; I bought one soon after I first saw commercials and it was the first one this girl had made. It's a good thing I gave it a second try!

I don't eat at Burger King, but if there was one anywhere around here I'd probably try it.

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