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I quit, I'm done

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I never want another cat so long as I live!

Look at Dorian! He's miserable. The red lining of his eye is all puffed up & awful. It's weeping like there's no tomorrow & he won't hardly open it!

You can see just how inflammed it is, too. He's always had weepy eyes, but whatever this is, I think it might be contagious as it looks just like the P Boy's eyes.

He either:
a) got something in his eye
b) got whatever the P Boys have
c) scratched his eye
d) has herpes that bad

What do I do? Treat it? With terramycin? The eye drops the boys are on? Vetropolycin? No emergency vet, either. I work stupid hours on Mon, but can possibly get him in to the vet.
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Oh Bless his heart poor baby...I hope he gets better soon
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If you think it is what the other cats have, and you know that it is contagiouis, I would try that med, and go to the vet if it doesn't improve.
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Terramycin or Vetro are what I would use, but some Vetropolycin has a steroid in it and if he scratched his eye, I believe the steroid can actually end up leading to blindness. Just make sure it is a regular opthalmic ointment.
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
Terramycin or Vetro are what I would use, but some Vetropolycin has a steroid in it and if he scratched his eye, I believe the steroid can actually end up leading to blindness. Just make sure it is a regular opthalmic ointment.
... ohhh poor dear
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Poor little guy! And he's acting like everything's O.K. I hope you work it out soon... sending good thoughts for both of you!
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I put some terramycin in it, just so I did something. I thought about the eye drops, but they are the shelter's meds so I hate to use them unless the vet tells me to. Oh Monday cannot come soon enough!
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until you get him into the vet for an exact diagnosis- keep him isolated from all other kitties. my guess is herpes which is resulting in conjunctivits in the eyes. Until you can get him into the vet- keep terramyacin in the eyes and in betwen doses of that- give him saline drops do keep his eyes moist. Also- start him on antibiotics asap to help get this under control- what do you have at home? Cepha-drops is good (amoxi is aweful for herpes- it takes forever to work). Zitromax is the BESY imo- ask your vet about it- it can be a pinch pricy- but a little goes a long way and the bottle will last a while.

While we're on the topic of Herpes- you need to start adding L-lysine to all the kitties food to boost their immune system and help keep herpes outbreaks at bay. It REALLY helps out a lot!

Please don't give up hon or throw in the towel I know it gets frusterating when our kitties get sick....especially when things like that become chronic. Kojak has feline herpes and he has his good days and his bad days. The only reason i have him with my other kitties is because mine have already been exposed/tested/etc. My girls are carriers and have never had an outbreak. All foster kittens are kept entirely seperate from others to protect them from it. hang in there love- it'll be ok
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They're already being dosed with 150 mg of Lysine daily. I've got 8 Baytril tablets on hand....is it once a day for baytril?
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
They're already being dosed with 150 mg of Lysine daily. I've got 8 Baytril tablets on hand....is it once a day for baytril?
how much does the kitty weigh? what's the strength of the indivdual tablet?
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You may want to up the lysine dose--I've heard 250 to 500 mg is more standard, especially in an outbreak. As for Baytril, I believe it is once per day now.
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Sorry you feel that way, I'm sure everyone goes through that at some stage of their life, but you can't quit now. You've done so much good work for all these cats.
I used to say I never want another cat, but at some point one will miraculously come into your life and steal your heart again. Diego did that to me, apart from Neko, that is my wifes cat, I hadn't had a cat in 7 years. I didn't expect to ever have one again, Then I get Diego and then I wanna rescue strays. What I'm saying is once you have love for cats and you help them, when bad things happen you get put off, but then later that tiny spark for cats thats in your heart becomes a blazing love for them all over again.

Your doing a great job, I know it must be very hard on you. But you can do it, you have already had a huge impact in all your cats lives, Whether they are your own cats, strays or ones in a shelter.
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Why do these things always happen on the weekends or during holidays when the vet isn't available??

i have no idea what's wrong w/ your poor guy, so I can't give any advice. But I do know that when Winchester was on Baytril for his FIP, he had to take 3/4 of a tablet twice a day. I'm not sure how much you should give your cat, b/c he doesn't look as big as Winchester is: the dosage is prescribed according the the cat's weight, and Winchester weighs 15 lbs.

I could just cry for your baby. He looks so miserable. And believe it or not, you will have more cats: once a cat lover, always a cat lover! I recall saying those same words myself on more than one occasion, after I had lost one of my babies. And here I am today, w/ five indoor cats, and God only knows how many outdoor strays that I take care of: one of which just brought her kittens onto the porch!

I am sending good vibes your way..

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Baytril is a once a day pill. My cats get 1/2 pill per 5-6lbs...so 10-12lb cat = 1 pill a day...assuming what you have are 22.7mg tablets.

There's a chart here...Baytril is Enrofloxacin

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Oh, poor Dorian. His eye must be so uncomfortable. I hope the terramycin helps. Hugs and good thoughts to Dorian.

I know how hard this is when you're also dealing with Damita's issues. It really will get better, it has to!
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That poor baby it looks so painful if the eye is running try warm tissue to clean around the eye I know that helped my Scrappy-doo at least feel a little better till you get to the vet.

Don't give up you are doing good things and he needs you
sending prays to you
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Poor Dorian!!

For L-Lysine, a daily maintenance dose is 500 mg per day and during flare ups, you double it. 150mg is not enough for him. This is for a normal sized adult cat.

The pills are huge so I give mine the powdered form that I get on iherb.com. A jar of it can last 1 cat over a year and I think with shipping it came to about $10. Well worth it. 500mg is 1/2 teaspoon of powder.

And Natalie, we know you better. You're done with critters when h*ll freezes over!
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i have a cat with herpes too.

I always keep the vetropolycin on hand. That's what I would use.

Get a warm WET cotton cloth and wipe around the eye getting the obvious goop out and then coat the eye with the vetropolycin.

Do this twice a day and in a day or two it will be better.

If is is labeled Vetropolycin, it is only a mixture of bacitracin, neomycin and polymyxin. It will not have steroids... This is what I would use and DO USE for mine..

Antibiotics are optional with an outbreak.

Also you can alternate using the terramycin and the vetropolycin... One a day for each.

The ointment and the lysine will help more than the antibiotics.
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I was just so last night! Dory, Damita, I got bad news about my former foster Figaro...

I will give Dory 1 Baytril tablet today. His eye looks a little better after 1 dose of terramycin, I need to do this morning's dose yet. And tomorrow, I will be making an extra trip 40 minutes away before work.... That's like the 3rd time in a week I've had to make an extra vet run!
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It's going to be ok sweetheart.............
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I am so sorry you are having this trouble with Dory. I have been following Damita's story and have felt so bad for her and you.

Our Aly also has herpes and his left eye looked very much like your Dory's. Aly's outbreak started over 2 months ago. We started out with BNP and ended up with Famvir during the 2 month period before our vet referred us to an opthamologist at the speciality center near here. The diagnosis was eodinophilic keratitis. We were prescribed prednisolone acetate, 1 drop 3 times daily then idoxuridine, 1 drop 3 times daily 5 minutes after the prednisolone acetate and 500 mg L-lysine with food twice daily. This is what the vet wrote: "Eosinophilic keratitis is an immune mediated condition. Because herpesvirus is often seen in association with this condition it is best to treat for both." He looks and feels so much better now. Our vet suspected it was eodinophilic keratitis when she saw what looked almost like little blisters on his eyeball when she pulled his eyelid up to see more of the eye. They took a scraping of his eye at the speciality vet center and the diagnosis was made.

Anyway, that may be something to consider. I'll be praying that all is settled soon in your household
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Poor Dory. Sending "get well vibes"....ton's of them!!!!
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Jessiecat....the "idoxuridine" is what my foster kittens are getting for eye drops. For the time being, Dory's bumped to 500 mgs Lysine 1x a day...terrmycin 2x a day & Baytril 1x a day. We'll see what the vet says tomorrow. I really hope he can see Dory as I'm leaving for vacation on Tuesday. Dory can't wait until Friday when I get back....& I won't bother with Dr. Stupid in town.
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What do anitbiotics have to do with a viral outbreak? Is it to prevent secondary infections?

I hope all your kitties feel better soon This must be so hard on you, I would be really frustrated too. Your cat menagerie will be in our thoughts
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Poor Dorian!!

For L-Lysine, a daily maintenance dose is 500 mg per day and during flare ups, you double it. 150mg is not enough for him. This is for a normal sized adult cat.
It's a little more expensive, but I have my local health food store order me a massive quantity of 500mg capsules.

I give each kitty one cap a day in their wet food, two caps if someone is sneezing or they've been stressed. Just a few days without and they're sneezing up a storm, runny eyes, the whole nine yards

Vibes for poor Dorky, and for you! I know it feels so awful when your babies suffer
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Just throw in my two cents worth after struggling with eye issues with Rambo. If you have a health food store around...you could try come colloidal silver. Just put a drop in the eye...kills bacteria in the eye and inhibits viral replication. I found a great change in it.

Also if he's rubbing at it or worrying at it...the vet gave me some valium to making him a little dopey. I would give him the valium and as he was getting sleepy i would dose up the eye with gunk and he would be too sleepy to rub at it. When he woke up a few hours later it always looked much better. he preferred a quiet, cool and dark place whenever his eye looked like that!

good luck...healing vibes!
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Took Dorky to Dr. Stupid as I cannot get in to see either sane vet. He had to be seen & there is no way I can get him anyplace tomorrow around my vacation, I already promised to transport dogs & have to leave at like 8 am, maybe.

Anyways, Dr. Stupid said it looks OK. No scratch, nothing. Said I did the right thing by treating him with something, that the terramycin helped. (duh ) Gave me Neomycin eye drops with a steroid in it. I'm pretty sure that was a waste of $18....I could've just asked for the drops & skipped the visit. I might take him to the sane vet when I get back from vacation....we will see how his eye looks then.
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I was wondering about Figaro. ....
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Originally Posted by JuJubee View Post
I was wondering about Figaro. ....
me, too...
i am currently giving ixel an additional 500mg lysine per day, because she's having an outbreak. it's in their water all the time, but the stress of the new kitten seems to have provoked an outbreak in her.
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Figgy isn't here, he's with his new meowmy. Still no updates from him, either. But, no news is good news.

Dory's eye is open now, still weepy & red & awful looking. But he isn't scratching & its open...
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