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The Cat Books are finally nearing their journey's end!

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I just heard from Jugen and the cat books will be going to Debby next and then finally on to Anne!!! Thanks to all of you who kept this journey alive and wouldn't let me give up on the whole idea when we hit snags in the road. It's been over a year (I think) since I first started them on their way- and boy do I wish they could talk! But our photos and inscriptions to Anne will speak volumnes, or so I hope! I am just glad that there is finally an end to this tunnel.
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YAY!! I am so glad Anne will finally be getting the book!

Maybe we'll do another one eventually!!
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LMAO! Not if Mary Anne can help it!
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LM*O! You are so right!! This whole thing was a nightmare! I just hope everything survives to get to Anne and she enjoys the fruits of many labors!
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I got them and they will be on their way to Debby asap when she pm's me her addy. Anne Hold on a little longer! they are coming and are in great shape with LOTS of cat pics and signatures and what nots!
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YIPPPPPEEEE SKIPPPPPEEEEE!!!!! I am ready!!!! (always did hate being last in line) :laughing: Barb....PM coming your way!
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What is a Cat Book???

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I was going to ask the same thing. Guess we must've joined the site too late to know what's going on with this. Please, fill us in.

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For the newcomers-

The catbooks is a project I started well over two years ago. I had gotten a cute book about cats, and started sharing the snippets on the board with all the members. Mr. Cat suggested I share the entire book (it was quite short) but not into typing all that much, I decided instead to ask for members who would be interested in reading the book and send it out on it's way through regular mail. Well about 27 people (I think, it has been a long time since this happened) were interested and signed on. So the book was sent out. The idea was to put an inscription in the book to Anne and include two photographs of our cats. The last person to get the book would send it on to Anne and she would keep it. It stayed in one spot for so long that people finally gave it up for lost and I came and posted about it telling everyone how sorry I was that it didn't work out to where everyone had seen it. Then with the response I got from that post, I decided to buy the exact same book and send it on it's way- so I did (now this second journey was Febuary 2001) The book had already been missing for months prior to that.

Lo and behold when the second book arrived to the member next on the list-so did the first one! Now there were two books traveling and it has taken them this long to get to the end of the line. They have hit a few snags in the way and been swallowed up in the black hole of "where did I put those darn books anyway?" But so far they have always been found.

They started on their journey back when Anne announced she was pregnant with Ron- and the idea was for her to have something to read, as she spent the majority of her pregnancy in bed. Then the joke was the books might get to her before Ron entered kindergarten, then it was college. Now it looks like they might get to her before the end of the year. I can hope anyway.........

And that is the saga of the cat books, as I said, if they could only talk what stories they would tell!
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Well the cat book was a great idea of Hissy's many, many moons ago. We who were interested in doing so, were to add pics of our cats and a little personal note, in a book that she started as a gift to Anne, our administrator and owner of this site for the birth of her son. Alas, the cat book got lost...so Maryanne (Hissy) started another one and sent it out. Then guess what??? The first one was found and so now BOTH books have been circulating together and are fianlly coming to their last stop (me) after almost a year and a half, isn't it, Hissy? And then after adding my stuff to it, I will be sending it finally to Anne in Israel!
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Oops! I guess I was posting about this at the same time you were Hissy! Your explaination is much better!
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That's fine Debby- your's was great too- the condensed version typed by a busy mommy
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If only the books could talk LOL
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Oh cool! What a great idea! Glad the books are finally heading home.

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Very Cool indeed! Wish I'd have joined way back when to join in the fun. Gee, maybe you'll have to do another one??? Only kidding - sounds like this was quite an adventure. Glad it has all worked out and the books will be getting to their destination after all this time.

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