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Licking My Arm

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Every morning when I am waking up Loki will lick my arm and he won't stop. Sometimes he'll do his licking and biting thing, but mostly this is just licking. It doesn't bother me, except he likes to lick the underside where the "thinner" flesh is, andd he likes to lick the inside part of my elbow where the pulse point is. Also, his tongue is really rough (unlike Possu, who alsao licks to lick me). Usually I have to hide my arm under the coers because he won't stop if I move my arm.

I don't understand why he does this, because he doesn't lick me so obsessively at any other time. I sort of feel bad when I have to hide my arm because I think he's just being sweet, but it hurts!

Any ideas on this?

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Maverick does the licking thing w/ me too, only on my hand. Winchester does the 'biting' thing, but he's usually pretty gentle w/ me. They are just showing you how much they love you!

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Neko licks my face every morning (well he used to til I started closing him out of the room) when I'm in bed. He will sometimes now do it at night before I go to bed and his tongue is very rough, he almost draws blood (not really) but it gets very painful. He starts off with little licks, that tickle but then he gets excited and really puts some force into it, as well as using the full length of his tongue. Its true those wee spikes on their tongues are like sandpaper.

Anyway its supposed to be a sign of their love for you. Its like when a mum cat grooms her baby or an older cat grooms a younger one. Yours and my cat are just grooming us and letting us know that we are part of their family.
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That's what I was afraid of. Silly little kitty boy. At least Possum's tongue feels like velvet most of the time.

When I was looking to adopt a kitty I never in a minute thought that cats licked people, but since I always had a dog I don't mind it, and at least I think it's sweet.

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One of the cats in my house does that. He usually goes after your hand but will often lick your feet as well. He can get pretty rough sometimes, which hurts, but it's pretty therapeutic for both of us.
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Lol, Milli does that all the time, but thankfully not to me only hubby.
She loves to wake him licking his hands if they not covered.
Also no idea why she does that, but seems her way of saying I love you
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Radar likes to lick my eyelids - now that hurts!

She's just giving you a morning grooming, like a mum cat would give to her kittens when they wake up after a nap to clean them up and stimulate them to want to suckle. She's obviously very attached to you
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