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Well....I've been Ms Domestic Goddess today. I've been busy making freezer jam. Yesterday I picked about 12 quarts of raspberries out of my raspberry patch. I also traded some of my raspberries for blueberries with a gal at work. Today I made:

48 containers of raspberry freezer jam
32 containers of strawberry freezer jam
32 containers of blueberry freezer jam
20 containers of black cherry freezer jam

This is the first time I've tried making black cherry jam, so the jury's still out on that one, lol!

Now, while the jam is setting up for 24 hours, I need to defrost and re-arrange my freezer to make room! I still have raspberry and strawberry jam left over from last summer!!!

Gotta pick more raspberries in the morning. Next up, raspberry pie and blueberry pie making weekend.

Okay....now off to a nice warm bubble bath! I'm sticky from head to toe!!!
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MMMMmmmmmm!!! Sounds yummy!!
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Sounds really really yummy!! You'll have to send me some!! Especially since we both live in MI!!
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Wow you have been busy, I LOVE Raspberry Jam and pie YUM
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Freezer jam? Is this a special technique? I've never heard of it...
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