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Highly upset **RANT**

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One of my neighbors doesn't appear to be a terribly responsible person. BF comes occasionally and at least he finally mowed the yard for her. She has 3 dogs and two cats and they appear to be having their physical needs met but receive little or no attention as best I can tell.

This weekend the BF is over there and he has a really nice Harley. It's loud..ok that's cool. BTW they are not kids...probably in their 40s.

I'm ok with whatever they do and they have been quiet..until today. About mid morning I heard two loud booms...not like a shotgun but more like a cannon. Rattled the windows. Tal barked, Midnight continued toe sleep thru it and no worse for the wear.

Just a bit ago I took Tal outside with me to move the water hose into the back yard and set the sprinkler. They shot it off again. Saw the same puff of smoke and something up in the air. Scared the snot out of Tal and I don't blame him. He went to the back door and even had his tail tucked between his legs. I was on the phone with a friend who had called from Memphis. She could tell I was upset and said she would call back tomorrow.

I heard those folks and wnet over there. They were getting on their motorcycles and I asked if they were the ones making the loud noise. Of course they denied it to the hilt..they were "about to leave". I said well maybe there were ghosts setting off what sounded like a cannon but I'd appreciate it if they would not do that again.

I brought Tal inside, I didn't let on one way or the other and after a few minutes I brought him back outside with his chuck it ball. Normall I would never throw it even for a minute in 90 degree heat but I wanted him to get over his fear quickly. So I threw it twice, he stayed out as I would expect and lay down in the shade while I reste the hose.

Forntuately the BF doesn't seem to be around much. But if this occurs again, I'm going to tell them I asked them before not to do this and done again I will file a complaint.

Sorry about the length of this but I will not have Tal scared to be in his own yard because of some fool.
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If you think it was a gun, you should ask the police to investigate NOW, rather than waiting for it to happen again. Even if they're "just firing into the sky" (as some cultures traditionally do in "celebration"), that's unconscionable -- around here, people get killed that way every New Year's Eve, because those bullets eventually come back down.

If they felt they had to lie about it, I suspect it was indeed a gunshot.
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Do you think they were setting off fire works like M80s those are extremely loud they are powerful lil suckers in fact they will leave a hole in the ground ??

I dont blame you for being ticked off I would be as well.Probably hurt the poor things ears
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I can't prove it was a gun though and I don't think it was an M80. I remember those from when I was a kid and as loud as they were they were quiet compared to this. In the course of the conversation one of the guys said it was the motorcycle...yeah right. So they did know of a loud noise aye?

I really don't think it was a gun...cannon maybe.

The BF isn't there alot anyway seems like. I'm going to give it a llittle time. Hopefully they'll laugh at me and comply with my request. I really don't care what they do as long as they stay out of my hair. And in a few weeks I'll be putting up a privacy fence and the one that is there now will come down. She should pay half (the one there is practically falling down and is patched to the hilt) but nonetheless I am going to pay for it 'cuz I'm not gonna look at that yard!

Every neighborhood has its problem child...it'll work out.
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Originally Posted by catmomof2 View Post
Do you think they were setting off fire works like M80s those are extremely loud they are powerful lil suckers in fact they will leave a hole in the ground ??

I dont blame you for being ticked off I would be as well.Probably hurt the poor things ears

I hadn't thought of the hurt ears...I just took him out a few minutes ago and had to get his chuckit ball. Once out there he behaved normally. And pottied like we went out for him to do!

I sure hope this is a one time occurance.
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Maybe it was a motorcycle backfire. My DH and his friend used to work on their's at his friend's house. I think they had the police called on them once. I told him I would have called them too if they were working on that at 1:00 in the morning!! hehehe. His neighbor didnt give a warning though. If he had, they would have stopped. Oh well. Hopefully that is what it was and not a gun....
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I'm going to agree, if the motorcycles where running it could have very well just been a backfire. I've heard many bikes and cars backfire, depending on the area and the amount of echo it can seem really really loud.
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