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New Friends!

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Hey there! My name is Toni and I am brand new to "The Cat Site". I am also a new Momma to two adorable 5-month old kittens we affectionately named Jake and Elwood (The Blues Brothers!) I am not a new cat owner as I have perviously had two other pals in the past, who are missed very much.

So tell me about you!

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Welcome to the site Toni! I love your kitties' names. My hubby, being from the Chicago area, would love them too. What do your kittens look like? Are they on a "Mission from God" too? LOL

My name is Heidi, and I'm the Moderator of this forum. I have two cats, both 3 years old. Trent is a medium haired black cat who is a real snuggle bug. He doesn't realize that he's not a kitten any more and still wants to play constantly. Ophelia is a short haired black and white, very petite little girl. She was a feral we rescued as a little kitten, and she's still pretty shy and skittish but loves her Daddy! I apparently just make a good kitty bed for her.

I look forward to getting to know you, Jake and Elwood on the boards!
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As a matter of fact, I think Jake and Elwood are on a mission, but from God, I'm not so sure! My hubby and I adopted the Blues Brothers from a no-kill shelter and I am so happy to have them with us! They've been with us for three days now and are the sweetest love bugs. They settled in very quickly, eating and using the litter box right away. Elwood is the spokes cat for the brothers and has much to say in the mornings while Jake is cool and calm andunruffled - even when Elwood attacks his tail. They are both fixed and have had all their shots and, although a little skinny, seem to be in good health. I still have already gotten a good vet and am waiting on testing for them.

Heidi, did you and your sweetie get Trent and Ophelia together or relatively close together? I originally wanted only one, but the boyz are brothers and I didn't want to break up a set. Besides, both my husband and I work so I thought it would be great for them to have eachother to be with during the day. But BOY! when we get home are they lovey!

Does anyone else here have sibling kitties? I heard that they sometimes can "drift apart", not being so buddy-buddy later on in life. Is this true?

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Since you asked...(once you get any of us started on our cats it's hard to get us to shut up! ) We did get them within a few days of each other, but completely by accident. Ophelia was trapped in between the walls of our apartment building, so we busted a hole in the wall to get her out. She was so tiny, and two days after we got her inside we thought we she escaped somehow. We were heartbroken, and having just spent a lot of money on kitten stuff, we decided to go "look" at kittens. Well, we came home with baby Trent and as soon as he meowed our she popped from her hiding spot! So we ended up with two kitten.

Although they aren't siblings, they still love each other after three years together. They still play, generally on Ophelia's terms, and the snuggle together when they sleep.

I know that many people here have sibling cats, so I'm sure you'll get lots of answers. Like I said, give us an in to talk about our cats...
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That's a great story - I guess fate works it's magic!

I'm hoping Jake and Elwood stay friends. We've noticed they definetly have distinct personalities, even after such a short time. Jake is a calm and cool and Elwood is a little more outgoing. Elwood also seems to not like it if I pay too much attention to Jake - he'll come right up and get in my face as if to say "ok - enough of this nonsense, pay attention to ME!" This is why I'm hoping they don't grow apart.
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It sounds like Elwood is your Alpha cat, and he wants thing HIS way. It's really funny because both our cats get jealous and complain if we are paying attention to the other too much. If he is your Alpha, you can help him feel more secure about it by feeding him first, playing with him first, and giving him attention first. As long as he feels like Jake isn't taking over the Alpha position with you, he will be a happy boy.

That's so funny that you said fate works it's magic. That's exactly how we feel about it! What I didn't mention was the night before we found Ophelia, we were talking about how much we wanted a little furry around to love but didn't think we should because of the pet deposit. Well, fate stepped in and got us not one but two kitties.
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I think that Elwood is just WAY more hyper than Jake. Trust me, Jake has asserted himself. But it might be too soon to see who's the Alpha. Actually, now that you mention it - it seems that I might be the Alpha. They both come to me, submit to me and seem to compete for my attention. No so much with my husband. Bruce is lovey with them but I have already done the whole (albeit silly-looking) cat posturing with them. And I KNOW you know what I'm talking about! Cat Head Butting and all that weird cat-people crap.

Fate works in mysetious ways!!!!
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I had twin yellow tabby brothers for 7 years. One of them freaked out, ran away, and ended up in a shelter. He was Pet of the Week on a local news show. Boy, was I surprised! I tried to adopt him back, but he had already been adopted. I was upset he didn't want to live with us any more, but he got a wonderful home with a recently widowed lady. I still have the other brother. He is 14 years old and still kickin!
Jake and Elwood sound like LOTS of fun. Love the names! Welcome to TCS.
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I guess it's true that you don't own a cat, that the cat owns YOU! I'm sorry one of your boys felt the need to move on but that kind of is one of the endearing qualities of cats - they are very independent and do what THEY want to do.

I gues my boyz are settling in nicely because this morning they wouldn't let me leave! They were all over me! I feel terrible leaving them but they have eachother. :tounge2:
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Hi Toni! My names Janine. I have several fur babies. Four in fact! One of them doesn't live with me. She is my bosses but I raised her! I love your kitties names! The Blues brothers is one of my fav. movies!
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Hi, Tonim68, another Blues Brothers fan, here. Any chance of you getting a black-and-white female and naming her "Penguin"?
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Hi Toni, You're going to love this site and the people that visit. It's just one big furry family!:tounge2:
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