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Rabbit pellets as kitty litter?

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Has anyone used it? Does it clump and have good odor control? I.ke heard it can be used but i haven't heard if it actually works well. I've always used clay litter but recently heard it can be damaging to cat's health. Anyone wanna share their experience with it? Or any other inexpensive litter alternative?
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I used to have a rabbit and an iguana and used rabbit pellets for both of their bedding. I just remember that when it got wet, it turned into a disgusting mush mess. An iguana's poop is very much like bird poop, but can get big like a cats (sorry to be so graphic). It didn't clump well and I wished there was something easier. If I could've used cat litter for my iguana, I would've in a heartbeat. I too and looking for an alternative to clay-based litter, but I have a hard time switching from something that has worked so well for so long. Using rabbit pellets would certainly be cheaper, but I don't know if the cat would like it and I can just picture it being a huge mess for you. Maybe try a cedar, pine or corn litter if you're concerned about the silica dust. Good luck!
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I tried chicken feed...it's pretty much like the "Word's Best" brand kitty litter, but considerably cheaper (about $9-$12 for 50lbs). It clumped well, but Beandip was allergic to it. That's only one out of 8 cats...so that may be a rare reaction but I had to ditch it for that reason. He was miserably itchy. Honestly, with 11 litterboxes the smell of the corn was a bit much for me, especially in the heat this time of year. With one or 2 cats, it could have worked real well, I think.

My cats are much happier with clumping clay. It has it's issues, like you said...but until I find something that they will use reliably that is also affordable I will stick with it.
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