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one of my friends have a bulldog that they got to breed. well she has been sick ever sence they moved into their new home. now it has sores all over her body. they are going to get her fixed and get another one to breed
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PLEASE explain that THEY DONT need to breed that pets are fine... bulldogs usually need c section deliveries and YOU DONT make any $$ breeding if done right or what would they do if something happened like a pup was sick
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well they think it is mites that is messing her up if not then they are going to take her to ohio and see a vet. if nothing works than they will put her to sleep. if i were them i would have done it to her to put her out of her suffering. she is way to sick. i would try another breed of dog. or just not breed dogs.
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Mite s can cause illness but not that much ...
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Treating mites takes a lot of dedication, baths, ointments & cleaning the environment to clear it up. I don't think they are the right type of people to breed any type of dog.
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Mites....as in mange? That is common in bulldogs, if I remember right.
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