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fly eggs in food

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I am having trouble with flies in my house at the mo, and wherever I put the kitties food they seem to find it. I only give them little bits at a time and use a clean bowl each feed, but sometimes I have seen fly eggs in their food. I check all the time and throw out any food with eggs in, but I am worried they may have eaten some. What are the effects of eating any eggs, does anyone know? And how can I stop it? I am as vigilant as possible, but you never know, and I'd rather be sure they're not eating anything nasty. Also , Blossom is smaller than Rufus, she doesnt eat as much and the vet said she is a tiny bit underweight. So I dont like taking their bowls away if there is a bit left, as I try and coax her into eating a bit more after a little while.
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Hello and welcome to the site

eewie, flies are such a nuisance as you are removing the cats food then I dont know what to suggest really about the food.

So you need to stop the flies getting in or get rid of them when they are in your house. I live in Spain so I have fly screens up at all my windows and we have those fly curtains over the doorways. I'm not suggesting you do that for all your windows, but maybe you could get the curtain for your doors A few flies still get into my house, but I use a household pet friendly fly spray and get rid PDQ

As to cats eating the eggs, whilst it sounds hidious I am not sure if the eggs are harmful, but flies carry all sorts of diseases, so its not a good thing for a cat to eat food that flies have been walking on

Cats can be fussy eaters and if the food is stale, which it probably is by time it takes for a fly to lay eggs on it, your cat would probably not eat the food anyway Houseflies are a danger to the health of humans and animals mainly because they carry and spreads diseases so getting rid of them is the best course of action for all of your household really

As to the weight issue for your cat have a look at this TCS links about Feeding Your cat

I hope you come up with a solution - keep us posted
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Have you ever tried using those sticky fly thingies that hang off the ceiling that traps the flies? There is some kind of sticky stuff on them, and the fly can't get loose once it lands on it. They don't look very attractive hanging off the ceiling, but if they work.. who cares?? I myself would rather have a less attractive house than letting my cats ingest fly dirt. I don't think the flies or eggs would hurt them, but why take a chance??

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thanks for your replies guys, good ideas imgonna get that fly paper and door thingy. better than running around with a rolled up newspaper! always feelbad doing that, even if they are just flies!
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Don't know about the eggs, but my guys eat the flies! No ill effects.
Saves me the trouble of killing them. Of course that is not more than one per cat per month probably. I have screens in the windows and the doors.
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