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I know better... I really do...

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than to go to PetSmart on my lunch break.

A kitten, cleverly named Blitzen, launched himself at the cage door and started shaking it (like a monkey in the zoo). It was the funniest thing.

And, of course, the little gray kitten sticks his paw out as soon as I walk in the room. (I have a weakness for grey ones after losing my Connor in a "custody battle" -- weird as it sounds.)

Oh if I could take them all home...
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I do worse...I sit here looking on petfinder and I don't know why. I cannot cannot cannot have any more pets right now!! But I have to look and then I get soo upset. *sigh* Stupid man. If I got rid of him I could have more pets. Then I'd have to work though and then I couldn't have more pets. Argh.
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I feel your pain! I have started avoiding Petsmart altogether. There is a huge black male in our local one that has just stolen my heart! I still go right inside the door to drop money in the donation box, but I go elsewhere to buy food and stuff.
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Alicat--I know how you feel about seeing all those homeless animals. I was doing the same thing, then I thought, I'm spending time on Petfinder.com anyway, might as well do it with a purpose. The way I've found to make it less sad is to play matchmaker for a pet. I go through the Petfinder Pet Wanted classifed ads and pick one that seems compelling. Then I use the search feature to find animals of the kind they want at shelters in the advertiser's area and e-mail them the results. Or, if you have a shelter near you that posts on Petfinder, you could keep an eye out for Pet Wanted ads that fit the pets the shelter has for adoption.

I don't know if any of the e-mails I've sent has ever resulted in an adoption, but it is fun playing Anonymous Adoption Fairy. :kitty5:
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alexnell Is that ever a neat idea! I would never actually think that people would post "Pet Wanted" ads instead of just going somewhere and picking up a pet. But I would think that you have definitely made a difference to some people's lives. Perhaps they are too busy to go to pet shops, or they knew that if they went, they would pick up any pet and lose sight of what they went there with the idea for... I dunno, just throwing out some ideas.
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In some cases, the people who are posting the "pet Wanted" ads on the Petfinder website are just looking for a really cheap purebred and aren't willing to pay the prices of a responsible breeder. But in other cases, they just didn't have any clue that there are purebreds, or the kind of mix they want, in shelters and rescues. There are others that just don't know how to do a search for the kind of pet they want.

Another thing I've been tempted to do (but I haven't gotten around to)is to make a list of the phone numbers in the puppies/kittens for sale ads on the bulletin bords at the petstores, and do a reverse look-up for their addresses. Then anonymously mail them spay/neuter pamphlets. Maybe someday...
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Easy solution to the PetSmart conflict. I recently signed up to do volunteer work with the kitties.
I'm just waiting for a phone call.

-Sarah of Borg
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I've always wanted to do that, but with working inghts and sleeping 12 hour days, it's kinda hard . Perhaps one day, when I get my license.
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Just curious - is Petsmart a chain of shops? Do they offer space to rescue centres to advertise their strays?
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