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Morning cat, not morning owner

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I really need some advice. My cat, sadie, is a 3 year old female sweetheart. The only time I think "differently" about her is at 5:30 am every morning, when she decides that I'm getting up when she does. She does things like knock over picture frames on my bureau (which I've since taken off the bureau) and rub her face on my lampshade to rock the lamp obnoxiously back and forth... Her latest thing is scratching the mirror that's attached to my bureau, and talk about a rude awakening. I don't know what to do to stop her from doing this. I've tried clapping to startle her, spritzing her with a water bottle, and if I kick her out of the bedroom, she just stratches the door. Please help!
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My first question is- is she spayed? If not, get her spayed and that will help.

Try interactive playtime with her about 20 minutes right before you go to bed. Make it a special toy- one that she only sees this time of night and try to wear her out. Pheasant of peacock feathers work great for this.
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Thanks for the advice. She has been spayed, and she generally such a good natured cat. That's why it's so hard to understand. I will try the exercise, that should wear all 3 of my cats out, hopefully!
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My cats feel the same way. See, they nap on and off all day long. My theory is they just can't figure out why we sleep so dang long all night, night! The fun time! LOL I believe they think when we go to work or out, we go somewhere else and cat nap all day, just like they do.

Ok ok, they probably don't think this out to the degree I'm jabbering on about. But the point is, they just don't respect human needs for a long uninterrupted sleep at night.

I keep my bedroom door closed. Poppy is allowed to come in there for the night if she wants, because she is sweet and doesn't wake us, but Spidey is not allowed in the bedroom.
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If you feed your cat in the morning, you might consider switching feeding time to the evening instead. This way she won't wake you up for food.

If she is just seeking attention, the smartest thing to do is to simply ignore her. This is really difficult, but eventually she will learn that you will "sleep" though anything and will give up.

But, if you can't ignore her, why not just give in? I have a cat who was like this, she just had to have some loving in the middle of the night. I learned to let her under the covers and pet her when she started asking for attention. After watching the clock, I realized that after only 3 to 5 minutes, she always has enough and jumps down and leaves the room. After many years, I barely even wake up for these middle of the night love fests any more! I figure that 3 minutes of attention buys me many hours of sleep...so it is well worth it!
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Earplugs are a good place to start. I started using them because my sweetie snores like mad, but soon discovered that it also keeps me from hearing kitty noises. Mine run around like a thundering herd all night long, but I don't hear them.
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