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An E-MAIL friend of mine who lives in Rochester, NY had to have her Pug Max put to sleep yesterday afternoon. Max would have been seventeen the day after tomorrow. I never met Max but I feel like I knew him because of the stories Luci told me about him . My cats used to "talk" to him in the E-MAILS and he would "reply" back. . He died of old age and a possible brain tumor. I know he's young and healthy and happily playing at the RAINBOW BRIDGE now. RIP Max.
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aww thats so sad please let your friend know that we are thinking of them and sweet Max

RIP Sweet Max, run and find Roger my RB dog, he'll take good care of you
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Please tell your friend how sorry I am for her loss.
R.I.P sweet boy.
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I'm so sorry for your friend's loss. RIP sweet Max.
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I'm so sorry.

Have a wonderful time at the bridge Max, but be nice to the kittys there

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I'm so sorry.

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Wow! What a good age he was.

Have fun at the bridge Max.
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